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Author Topic: V6 is very impressive  (Read 2592 times)

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December 08, 2022, 01:15:43 AM
Read 2592 times

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V6 is very impressive
« on: December 08, 2022, 01:15:43 AM »
been a while since i've posted here, been even longer since i've played. i can't say i know the version i last touched the campaign on but it didn't have nearly as much polish or depth as it does now and i was very pleasantly surprised by everything that went into it.

the forums are much quieter than they were in my heyday and i haven't really been part of the community for a long time, but i do wanna pop in here and say that all of the time, effort, and love that the dev team has put into this game over the years really, really shows in v6. i'm in a really weird stage of my life where nothing quite makes sense, and i've been revisiting a lot of games i haven't played in a while. 8bdm came up during a conversation at one point so i decided to brave the fact that my internet hates loading the cutstuff domain and reinstalled it, booted it up, set up my controls and proceeded to blast through most of the easy mode campaign in one sitting.

for a lack of better words, holy shit. this is not the tcm i played all those years ago. it's really grown into its own and i adore the narrative that the team has crafted for it. it's exciting and purposeful in the story it wants to tell while still remembering the camp and levity inherent to mega man as a franchise. it feels like a love letter in the best possible way. i wish i could show this to the tiny baby version of myself that signed up to the forums 10 or so years ago when i was still religiously into the series.

i won't get any mushier than that but i figured i'd dust off my account and leave some words of appreciation. v6 was like revisiting an old friend and it's been a much needed source of familiarity for me as of late. good job!