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Title: [v5d][Bug] Proto Man's shield and Treble Boost persist between Training sessions
Post by: HaloSSB on December 24, 2018, 04:14:29 PM
These are two separate bugs, so I'll address them in order.

To reproduce the first bug, you must:

If you have done all of these, it's very likely that, upon shooting, you'll find Proto Shield persisting in front of you, blocking all shots, both yours and the Sniper Joe's. It will persist between multiple sessions, until you die, reset training mode through the Esc menu, or the bug randomly deactivates (some weapons that deactivated the glitch more often than not were Laser Buster, Hornet Chaser, and Mirror Buster. I don't know why they do).

To reproduce the secund bug, you need to:

After doing the steps above, you should be unable to select any weapon other than Treble Boost. No weapons, even those that come from items and would normally overwrite Treble Boost, can be received. It will persist between multiple sessions, until you die or reset training mode.

I was not using cheats when activating both glitches.
I was able to reproduce them every time.
The Proto Man glitch was NOT in v5c, while the Treble Boost glitch WAS. (Though Training mode was broken in v5c, CutmanMike released a file for a fixed TRAINING in the forums)

Also of note is that, when observed through the chasecam, the player character's color doesn't seem to change when switching between the Mega Buster and the received weapon from training mode (player remains with the colors of the received weapon). It does not happen in normal gameplay. The glitch was present in v5c. I do not know if this has any pertinence to the bug at hand.