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[Sprites] MM&B Skin Improvements - Part 1: Ground Man



Getting straight to it, Ground Man skin replacement.

I think, as of right now, Ground Man's skin is one of the most outdated skins in the game. The original skin, while serviceable, now looks out of place next to the numerous other higher quality sprites and skins in the game. As such, I wanted to give it a small touch-up.

However, I wanted to gauge public interest before I went any further with it. Fully re-spriting a skin is a pretty big thing; after seeing some reactions to the new Sword Man, I felt it should be the standard to be transparent and show off these kinds of major graphical overhauls before moving forward with them. I'll be doing this again at a later date with another MM&B skin as well (hence the thread title).

That about covers everything I wanted to say- all feedback is appreciated!

Hi again, just a small update:

After some feedback from some folks on Discord, I made the head slightly larger. Thanks to _Sidle in specific for bringing it up, I think it does look a little better at the end of the day (although I will miss my more accurate proportions... just a little).

The main image post won't be updated because i am lazy this post is immediately below it. I also think it's good to keep the progression visible, even if it's minor changes.

If nothing comes up in the next few days I'll get onto finishing the full skin.
Thanks again for the feedback!

Improvements for MM8BDM V6b? :cool: That's Cool.


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