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Sunstar Defeated Easily & Quickly with Laser Trident!



VIDEO NOTE: Hey, just for clarification; you don't need to be at around 50% health to get to the actual fight. It just seemed to be that way for every time I tried to fight Sunstar; must've just been bad luck. Sorry!

After doing some experimentation a little while back, I found out that Sunstar takes a lot of damage against Laser Trident. Assuming this isn't just a really useful bug on my side, I figured that I should share this with the rest of the world.

In short, this is what you have to do after the whole "stalling" phase ends and the fight begins: first, you have to hit him 3-4 times with Laser Trident at the beginning.
Don't hit him too much though, as then he will enter his second phase. Do not let this happen, as he seems to be much stronger against Laser Trident afterwards, and won't take as much damage.
Instead, keep him at his first phase, and wait for him to start an attack that takes a while to finish. I find that his ground-wave attack thing works best; whatever it's called.
Once he starts this attack, just ignore the wave and annihilate him with Laser Trident.

Congratulations, you just beat Sunstar. :)


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