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"Touhou Gensokyo Weps" and the clearing of confusion...


I believe this isn't really a well known mod at all, only seen hosted in official CoopMania+ servers, and even then not much so...
and I've even heard stories of someone who couldn't host this in one of their servers, all to their lack of knowledge of the unknown mod's name, oh my, such a hopeless situation! It truly is a pity how they couldn't have looked into their wads folder or literally just type "touhou" onto their TSPG searchbox to find out...

in lieu of it's unknown nature, a cutstuff post shall suffice:

Touhou Gensokyo Weps is an MM8BDM v6b copyweapon pack that aims to re-imagine the spell cards of the characters from the Touhou Project series, into a set of hopefully unique weapons, each with two or more layers of depth to master. (or just abuse)

There are currently 12 copyweps in total so far, 9 from EoSD, and 3 from PCB.

CURRENT VERSION: touhougensokyoweps_eternalv7earlyaccess_h

listed within the file itself are the thing indexes, translation IDs and custom bars used, plus more information


Hi! Guy who couldn't host it originally. I did have a file back then, but when I tried to host it on the server it was seemingly outdated, given that it was privated. I tried for a bit more before giving up, but this post is a definite help. Whoopsiedoofles!


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