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Sometimes I make unplayable/unfinished tech and there's not really a place for it.
This is now that place.
I take requests if they interest me.
You may do whatever you please with these files.

From Megaman Rocks.
Rapid fire splash weapon to fix allies and "fix" (debuff) enemies.

Looking up and down selects different attacks.
Still gotta make it look good on horizontal hud.

Centaur Flash and outgoing Shadow Blade only visible to yourself and allies.

Afterburn, backstabs, and headshots.

Reflect Shoot from MN9.
Should probably upgrade with actual +USEBOUNCESTATE at some point

Johnny copywep for Guilty Gear expansion.
Throw a coin and slash it.

Zenyatta's discord orb from Overwatch.
For new mod I planned, not sure when I'll get back to it. If you're savvy, you can tell what it was from the sprite.

"Give KillBuster"; auto kills enemy players really fast. For testing/cheating purposes.

Grand Dad and CP9 Agent class.
Posted this on Discord 06/06/2016. Grand Dad broken a bit by +NOGRAVITY changes since then.

old files
(click to show/hide)Afterburn, backstabs, and headshots.
Headshot code still needs to be recoded with +HITTRACER.
Fewer scripts, HitTracer on HeadShot bullet.

Update to TF2SpecialDamage.
Fewer scripts, HitTracer on HeadShot bullet.

Added some really old classes.

Another TF2Damage update
just fixing dumb thing where I forgot where pointer went in A_TakeInventory

backstab code improvement, easier to define what the backstab angle should be

old TF2Damage
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