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Source Engine-style Development Textures


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I wanted to make a set of textures that I could use while developing maps that would be useful for marking specific areas of the map as pillars, walls and whatnot, while also making sure the design of those textures wouldn't influence the overall aesthetic of my maps. I figured that I would go with what already works, and basically steal the style of Valve's Source engine development textures.

I've been hanging on to these for an absurdly long time (I missed its second anniversary...), and decided that I should probably release them to the public if I continue working on group projects while using these myself.


(click to show/hide)To install in your copy of GZDoom Builder (This probably works with older/other versions of Doom Builder 2 as well,) you have to head into the Tools dropdown menu, and select the game configuration you use when making or modifying maps.

After you have selected your configuration, head to the Resources tab and gently tap the "Add resource..." button, then head to wherever you put devtextures.wad and put it in.

name withheld to protect the guilty
Remember to save by hitting OK after you do so, and now they should show up for your mapping convenience! (labeled as DEV*)

ALSO: Putting devtextures in your finished map would be heresy and make everyone upset, so do this after you're done putting actual textures on your map.

Make sure to check for missing texture errors after you do this!
I believe that you should be able to use this file and any file in it for whatever you want ever. That's my policy.
I know I can't stop you, but I would advise against using these textures for any tf2-style orange maps, except for one specific person who I give my personal blessing. You know who you are!

don't use DEVSKY it sucks


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