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Been a while, eh?

Welcome to BiscuitSlash Secret Shed. Despite it being somewhat hidden, you've found it. I decided to abandon the secret bunker I was using as it had much dust piled over it. I hate dust.

All my new and/or improved mods go here. Feel free to take a look!  ;)


BiscuitSlash Weapons Pack V2

A collection of custom special weapon's I've made for Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch. As of V2, there are 25 new weapons to play with! Most of these are taken from Megaman ROM hacks, or are original ideas I thought up at some point.

Current selection available:
(click to show/hide)
Tri Shot, Blow Cyclone, Drain Cutter, Snipe Blaster, Synthesizer,
Ultra Beam, Bandwidth Beam, Knight Claw, Haze Dasher, Lunar Search Snake,
Silk Shot, Air Hockey, Basketball Bouncer, Doppel Crash, Doppler Attack,
Destroy Spear, Toxic Burst, Nitro Blast, Ragnarok, Air Horn,
Bug Shield, Anti Damage, Forte Cyclone, Force Beam Gun and Wily Buster.

Use "summon Biscuitweapons" in the console to summon them all, aside from the last one.
Use "summon WilyBusterPickup" for that.
With two obvious exceptions, all weapons are added to the Last Man Standing weapon rotation.
Full Readme.txt file:

(click to show/hide)BiscuitSlash weapons pack, version 2. Made to be compatible with core v6a.

This weapons pack is a collection of all the custom weapons that I have created
for Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch. Majority of these weapons were not released before
now. Most of them are also from various Megaman ROM hacks. (V1)

Extra weapons have now been made and added, simply because I really love making
custom weapons for this game! (V2)

To use these weapons, open up the console and type in either:
-Summon [weaponname]wep
-Give [weaponname]wep
(Replace [weaponname] with the name of the weapon you want to use, without spaces)
-Type Summon/Give BiscuitWeapons to gain every weapon in this pack!

This mod has been recently modified further to be compatible with Trillster's randomiser mod.
You'll have to use the other mweps version to use this effect!
Feel free to use this mod with that and any other mod you want to port these weapons into.
You don't need to ask permission to use these, but please give credit!
Since much of this was made many years ago, there's outdated code mixed in.
While it should all work, I'm sorry for any inconveniences.

Weapon list:

Synthesizer, from Rockman Deus Ex Machina
-Launches musical notes out of your hand.
-Speed and angle of the projectiles are randomized.
-Notes do less damage up close, but many more will hit.

Destroy Spear, from Rockman Claw 2
-Fires a high speed spear head that does moderate damage to players.
-If the spear lands on a surface, it creates a large horizontal explosion.
-Works best when aimed near players as opposed to directly at them.

Knight Claw, from Luckyman5 3
-Fires an odd mace thing that splits into 3 different things.
-Altfire to not-fire...sort of....

Ultra Beam, from Megaman Ultra
-Rapidly fires purple energy spheres.
-Spheres turn back, so this is a close range weapon.
-Greater range but less damage than Quick Boomerang. Be sure to aim well!

Tri Shot, from Megaman Ultra 2
-An attack that resembles the classic attack of a met.
-High speed shots, allowing easy hits if aimed properly.

Toxic Burst, from Megaman Forever
-Launches a large blob of toxic waste which splits into smaller blobs.
-Paths of the blobs are slightly random.
-Deals lethal damage at close range, even going as far as to poison them!
-Small blobs can be left to create dangerous terrain for your opponents.

Blow Cyclone, from Megaman Forever
-Launches two tornadoes, one forwards and one backwards.
-These cyclones do little damage, however they can push hard and far.
-Best used to push enemies away, either into hazards or to help you escape.

Haze Dasher, from Megaman Forever
-A powerful airdash attack. Press the attack button while in the air.
-Goes through enemies while doing high damage.
-Doubles as a utility weapon to help get you to unreachable areas.

Bandwidth Beam, from the MM8BDM launcher back in V1
-Fires a continues beam that causes jittering hitstun.
-The weakness of CutmanMike.
-Purposefully lags the game if plenty of beams are present.
-Yes, you read the above correctly, and I feel no shame.

Lunar Search Snake. Original
-Fires blue search snakes that fall onto the ceiling.
-Acts just like regular Search Snake only it is ceiling based and not ground based.
-Useful for dealing with ceiling based enemies.
Force Beam Gun. Original
-Fires the force beams from MM2QUI.
-First weapon I created for 8BDM. This version is updated and improved.
-Each hit does 255% damage to your enemies per frame.

Drain Cutter, from Rockman Cross X
-Fires a cutter blade that returns to you if it hits an opponent.
-The blade will return to you with a small health pickup.
-They lose 20 health, while you gain 20 health.
-While you have less than a third of your health remaining, RoF and projectile speed is increased.

Silk Shot, from Megaman X2
-Launches a gravity affected projectile that changes depending on the map.
-Default projectile is scrap metal.
-Rocky enviornments will change the projectile to rocks which bounce briefly.
-Crystal based environments will change the projecile to a crystal that skims the floor.
-Forest based environments will change the projectile to a bunch of leaves that float in place.
-Custom maps will always have scrap shot. Sorry, there is little way of avoiding this for now.

Wily Buster, from Rockman 4 Minus Infinity
-A gift by Dr. Cossack.
-Type Summon WilyBusterPickup in the console to use.

Nitro Blast, from Rockman 2 Grayzone
-Fires a long stream of explosions.
-Explosions alter their own path to hit more opponents.

Bug, from Rockman 2 Grayzone
-Creats a bug barrier that negates damage from the next attack against you.
-Attacks that pass through the barrier will have their damage reduced.
-Colliding with others will forcefully dispel the barrier, damaging them.
-Speed boost while active. Great for getting places urgently!
-Will deplete ammo quickly. Press the fire button again to dispel.

Airhorn, from MLG parodies
-Use dank airhrn on btchs!
-Scrubs wil gt rekt.
-Rel hrn sndd nly 8bt.
-Scrbs in frnt ov u tke mor damej.
-Okay look, I know this is 2021 and this is badly outdated. I do not care.

Snipe Blaster, Original
-Sniping weapon. Projectile is fast, yet tiny. Ideal at long range.
-Charges up. Lights on the buster and ammo bar indicate the amount of charge.
-Full power attack has larger and faster projectile.

Anti Damage, from Megaman Battle Network 3 onwards
-Counterattack based weapon.
-No set colour. Shown colour is that of the last used weapon.
-Press the attack button before taking a hit to jump and avoid damage.
-Upon successfully blocking damage, drop a decoy and throw 3 deadly blades at enemies.

Air Hockey, from Megaman Battle Network 4 and 5
-Throws an air hockey disk. Ground based weapon.
-This disk bounces along walls and goes through enemies.
-Best used against enemies that are in some sort of pit!

Basketball Bouncer, inspired by megaman sprite comic
-Even in times of chaos, we cannot resist some dunks!
-Throw a basketball that bounces off walls and enemies. Charge slighly to kick it.
-Charge fully to leap forward and slam dunk! Aiming is tricky, but deals lethal damage.

Doppel Crash, from Rockman & Forte 2
-Melee dash attack with deadly power.
-Must be charged to use. Cannot move when charging, but can aim.
-Target will be slashed and ripped through by you and your duplicates.

Doppler Attack, from Rockman & Forte 2
-Utility weapon. Split into multiple tiny doppelgangers.
-While in use, gain the power of flight! You'll also pass through solid objects in this form.
-Enemies will take gradual damage if they stand too close.
-Be sure to not to return to normal while inside another solid being!

Forte Cyclone, from Rockman & Forte 2
-Fires a barrier-esque wave of wind.
-Cyclone covers much ground and eats up projectiles.
-Very helpful as a defensive measure against ranged weapons.

Ragnarok, from One Step From Eden
-Signature spell of Saffron.
-Summon a giant sword to crashland into the ground in front of you.
-Projectile destination is set based on distance. A cursor will appear to help you.
-Requires much care when aiming, but does lethal damage upon direct hit!
-Large explosion radius. Great for crowd control.

Known issues:
-Destroy Spear has eye hurting colours. I will not fix this.
-Lunar Search Snake may fail to crawl down walls under cetain conditions.
-Lunar Search Snake is not properly affected by gravity changes.
-Toxic Burst doesn't trigger its custom obiturary through poison damage.
-Silk Shot projectile will be incorrect in MM2DW3. Will be fixed in a future update.
-I can't get Deflect Shield to work. You cannot access it.
-Bug Shield hit detection might be a bit finicky at times.
-Anti Damage hit detection might also be a bit finicky at times.
-Air Hockey may get stuck in weird places, usually corners.
-Air Hockey recoil sound plays upon spawning as well.
-Doppler Attack's ability to phase through solid actors is disabled. No reliable failsafe.
-Basketball Bouncer has rare bug involving a lack of projectiles at low ammo. If you can help fix, please do!
Sorry for the wall of errors. This tends to crop up when so many weps are made.

V2 Changelog:
-Updated all weapons to have 1.33x damage, with some exceptions for rebalancing.
-Updated all weapons to have damage types with the new format.
-Slightly changed obituaries for Blow Cyclone and Toxic Burst.
-Fixed a dumb mistake in Ultra Beam's obituary.
-Synthesizer reworked. Can now be aimed better vertically. Does less damage within the second of firing.
 Shots have a greater spread, but are usually focused towards your aim.
-Destroy Spear rate of fire lowered. Explosion damage increased.
-Destroy Spear reworked. Explosion is now made up of separate graphics. Damage position more accurate.
-Destroy Spear has 2 new obituaries.
-Ultra Beam rate of fire decreased. Range increased.
-Ultra Beam has a new HUD! This will delay your first bullet though.
-Knight Claw now has an Altire. Doing so fires a weaker shot that doesn't move.
-Tri Shot spread widened slightly. RoF and projectile speed slowed slightly.
-Blow Cyclone hitboxes are now smaller. They will now hit floors less often!
-Blow Cyclone now deals slight damage.
-Haze Dasher hitbox is now only slightly bigger than the player, as opposed to way bigger.
-Haze Dasher uses up more ammo.
-Haze Dasher bug fix. Will no longer get stuck in other players.
-Haze Dasher's attack reworked. Hitbox only exists when attacking. Recoil effect when hitting a wall.
-Toxic Burst is now more aimable.
-Toxic Burst no longer has stupidly big hitboxes.
-Toxic Burst first blob deals poison damage finally! Initial damage from projectile reduced.
-Toxic Burst uses up more ammo.
-Bandwidth Beam rate of fire and damage adjusted. Fixed and error causing excessive damage and hitstun.
-Bandwidth Beam hitstun reworked. Targets take jittering hitstun.
-Bandwidth Beam lag generator reworked. It's more forgiving and more sensible now.
-Lunar Search Snake updated to match the newer version of Search Snake.
-Force Beam Gun no longer has stupidly large hitboxes. Sorry for earlier.
-Force Beam Gun now has slight recoil on initial use, followed by slower user speed.
-Drain Cutter damage and healing adjusted from 15 to 20, to match the new health pickups.
-Drain Cutter can now enter Overdrive mode. Cutter RoF and speed increases at low health.
-Drain Cutter only plays its heal sound if it actually heals you.
-Updated the silkchoose script for the new maps. Now compatible with CTF.
-Silk Shot's coding has been revamped slightly to be better optimised.
-Silk Shot's leaf bunch is properly aimable. I finally discovered A_ScaleVelocity!
-Silk Shot fires upward at an angle slightly.
-Wily Buster deals 32 damage instead of 30. No +33% for this!
-Wily Buster no longer lasts until you die. You lose it after half a minute.

Special thanks:
-JaxOf7, for help error fixing with Wily Buster.
-Lego, for help with getting Blow Cyclone and Drain Cutter to work properly.
-CutmanMike for making MM8BDM.
-Various ROM hackers for giving me a lot of enjoyment and inspiring me to make
 more custom content for MM8BDM.
-Dood for letting me use and modify the Barrier Wind sprites.
-Trillster for help with ACS for local sounds and Ragnarok Cursor, along with the randomiser.
BiscuitSlash Weapon Pack V2 - Download by clicking here:

BiscuitSlash Weapon Pack V2, mweps compatibility mode - Download by clicking here:
Thanks Trillster!  ;)


Rockman No Constancy's Hard Mode - V6a update

Adds a new class to the game, which simulates the Hard Mode from the popular Rockman 2 hack named Rockman No Constancy. Your new form holds the following setbacks:
(click to show/hide)-All your attacks deal half as much damage to opponents.
-All opposing damage against you is doubled.
-Receiving damage causes you to get knocked back. You cannot move or attack while in this state.Your Mega Buster is also dark green! Isn't that nice?  ;) :mrgreen:
How far can you get?

RNC Hard Mode - Download coming soon! Needs further testing and features.


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