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Author Topic: Campaign Co-Op: Story Mode in Multiplayer!  (Read 1286 times)

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January 03, 2022, 04:10:11 AM
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Campaign Co-Op: Story Mode in Multiplayer!
« on: January 03, 2022, 04:10:11 AM »
Ever since MM8BDM's early days, a question has been frequently asked by newbies who appreciated both aspects of the game: "Is there any way to play the campaign with 2 players or more?". the answer, as dissapointing as it could be, has been "no, there isn't".
....Until now.

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(youtube clip playlist)

Introducing the Campaign Co-Op Project!

Containing both the bot matches on normal stages & singleplayer exclusive levels like Dr. Light's hub map and the bossfight-riddled UNKOWN maps, this mod intends to bring the unique story mode experience into a playable form compatable with many players at once!

Core V6 is known to have a pretty lengthy post-game, so for now, the scope is being kept rather small, focusing on getting the first 6 chapters in their best state for you, your friends and kind strangers alike to become the champions of the second annual robot master tournament. the current public beta, Build 0-W, can be played from start to finish with no significant progress-halting issues.

However, this comes with a twist: the bosses have new tricks up their sleeves to keep it fresh for veterans while also not being too tough for newcomers who would like to experience the story this way, but what if despite this, they end up pretty difficult for you? don't worry pal, there's an easy mode included (which I also consider the ideal way to play if there's less than 4 players) which equips you with a mini E-Tank and a damage buff! just be warned though: a certain co-developer has a bit of a bias for Copy Robot, so expect him to be the craziest of the bunch.
You might be wondering, what about the... secret three? to keep a balance on their fairness, there's now a lives system which you can customize to up to ten lives, or you can set them to 1 if you are looking for an intense challenge.


{Update as of June 26th: Bots are planned to be finally allowed and are in a public testing phase on Euroboros. If you can handle europe ping, then try it out!}The first thing that you need to know about hosting with this mod is that it's not meant to be hosted using any TSPG-based server cluster, this doesn't mean that you cannot do it, but hosting a server through The Sentinel's Playground, Down Under Doomers and Euroboros will remove an important aspect of Campaign Coop: the presence of bots, as their rules disallow them. In order to play Campaign Co-Op the right way, you will have to host a local server; a process that requires you to port-forward/use a service like Hamachi or Radmin VPN. However, that's something I will let you figure out by yourself. A little help for the first method can be found here:

The mod features an special menu only available to users logged into the rcon, here you can choose to enable between two presets of DMFlags: the recommended ones and the exact same ones the campaign maps use, you can also customize the countdown timer prior to a boss battle & the amount of lives for the bonus bosses, not only that, you've got access to the server's entire progress.

The download link can be found here:

You can join our Discord server right here:

Gh - MAP01 editing, Singleplayer botmatch & progress save system recreation, UNKOWN map system, bosses rework
MegaVile - bosses rework, UNKOWN map system, general feature scripting
Trillster - ACS help
Jax - ACS help
CutmanMike and co. - creating the original singleplayer campaign

July 27, 2022, 04:51:18 AM
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The Story (Mode) Continues...
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2022, 04:51:18 AM »
It's been almost seven months since the last post, and the last public update to the mod in general. With such a long period, I can imagine some assumed the project was cancelled or something. The answer is no.

My interest shifted from working on it to other stuff not too long after the release of the v0-W hotfix. Focus on the development process fluctuated but I was still getting things done, step by step. You may know Vile is busy with other bigger mods of his own, so he hasn't had any major input in a long while because of that. At one point I got a new PC, but didn't get to pass on my dev build. So ever since around April, I had to start over from that point up to where I was. fixing glitches, tweaking bosses, reworking part of the content.. and finally, adapting chapter seven. Not only that, if you check out the clips playlist, you may see the mod getting combined with a certain expansion.

Nonetheless, what you're supposed to understand from this post is that surely you'll be hearing of Campaign Co-Op 0-Z/1.0 in august. And after that, chapters 8, 9 & 10 won't take much longer to arrive in multiplayer-compatable glory.

September 17, 2022, 03:08:58 AM
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Re: Campaign Co-Op: Story Mode in Multiplayer!
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2022, 03:08:58 AM »
Well... It turned out not to be true, but not because I wanted to.
Technical difficulties prevented me from working on the mod since the previous post. However, stuff's back on track. I won't be promising any new release dates since it seems that every time I mention one the indifferent cruelty of the universe shifts focus onto me and purposefully prevents me from getting anything ready.

That being said - a patch that modifies several bosses has been a thing for some days already but I hadn't bothered to update the thread until now. Enjoy, I suppose.