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CutmanMike said that skin requests are allowed.

However I do not wish to see dozens of request topics filling this forum. Use this topic to request skins. If I see individual topics for skin requests from here on in, I'll delete them. It's still fine to request in someone's topic -IF- they state somewhere that they are accepting requests.

Rule & Facts
One request until you either drop it, or it gets done.
Do not badger skin makers and spriters when no one wishes to take on your request.
Only post requests in this topic.
Most Importantly, those who take on requests are doing it out of kindness. They don't have to be making it for you, treat them with respect. I won't be tolerable to uncalled for criticism.
These are subject to change, depending on how this thread is used.

Is Namo and CeramicBull still working on the Genesis Unit? If not, I'd like to request that any brave spriters could try their hand at them.

Gotta pin that gear up!

So, a request thread... *pulls out a huge list* Sh*t, got to cut this short! O_o

Guess I'll only request this for now: Tron 2.0's Lightcycle.

(actually took >9000 years to think of a request, lol)

I would like to see the Deku People, Gorons, and Zoras. Just because i think it would be intresting.

I remember...somewhere I've seen sprites for WEEGEE. Maybe if I can find them, they can be a skin?


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