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It's come to my attention that a lot of people are making their own custom music packs for MM8BDM. Some of these contain original 8-bit scores or music from other classic titles. This is perfectly fine.

However, I've noticed an alarming amount of music packs that contain mp3 files from OST's of games. OSTs that you usually have to buy. This is essentially the same as warez, and thus clashes with one of the forum rules:

--- Quote ---KEEP IT LEGAL - Do not post or link to warez. Self explanatory, do not link to free stuff you should have to pay for.
--- End quote ---

Sure, they're packed away in pk3/wad format or whatever, but anyone with half a brain can figure out how to extract them and convert them back into their regular format. Because of this I will be removing topics containing these packs completely from the board. People should also report any posts that contain these links, and of course if you've posted a link that I haven't found yet please have the courtesy remove them yourself. I will also remove topics that I ASSUME are from ripped straight from OST's unless proven otherwise afterwords (specify how it's free in this topic!).

I know this is going to anger people but I simply can't have warez here now that the game is fairly well known. If you feel I've removed some important info from a topic that you didn't obtain in time, please let me know and I will fetch whatever you require from the bin. I also have no problem with these packs personally, and you're free to discuss, upload and link them... But not here. I hope the other moderators can concur with this and offer their support.

Feel free to discuss but don't expect this decision to change.

Wuh-Oh. This is bad...

Wait, I got the soundtrack from here...-LINK REMOVED-

Does that count? Thanks for telling us about the music packs, though.

Mr. X:
I'll take down my music packs by myself, then since I'm not quite sure they're fully legal.  (Although, I do find irony in doing this on a site dedicated to hacks using characters without the parent company's permission, but such is life)

I appreciate the rule 'n all, but couldn't you have let us take the .wads out before our nuking our threads?
I know we could just ask for stuff back from them, but still...


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