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v1f changelog
(click to show/hide)- New Skyboxes for all stages apart from Oil Man and Time Man
- New Jump Canceling script from v4a
- Energy Balancer from v4a
- Rest of the mod brought up to v3b standards
- Small bug fixes
- Various small tweaks
v1e changelog
(click to show/hide)- MM1 weapon/health capsules now appear in PU and MM1 stages in place of the MM2+ capsules
- Charge Buster now recoils directly opposite the angle you face (fire downward for a slight boost upward)
- V3a compatibility with painstates, etc etc.
- Skins should translate properly with new palette
- Various small stage tweaks (weapons, layout etc)
- Time Slow now exists in two flavors, arrows and core.  The arrow version only appears in the expansion stages.  
- Time Slow 'rapid' arrows removed, you must click to fire them, though you can now store a second charge for when the first wears out.
- Various bug fixes
v1d changelog
(click to show/hide)*Single-player campaign with boss and secret boss added.
*Roll Swing changed to be less obtuse and unintuitive. Both swings now do exactly the same thing.
*Time Slow has been tweaked a bit. It has more ammo, arrows use less ammo and have a reduced spread, but are slower.
*Energy Balancer has been slightly tweaked, and uses the correct refill values for each weapon.
*A few vanilla weapons have been edited to streamline gameplay and make them more useful. They include Flash Stopper, which now blinds you completely, and Wind Storm, which doesn't toss you as far vertically, allowing you to more easily get additional hits in.
*Boss music will not reset once another player reaches fraglimit-5.
*Possession has received several tweaks:
   *The hellstone/circuit board will no respawn if it is dropped and not picked up for an amount of time.
   *Skull Barrier has been re-removed.
   *Weapon colors have been fixed.
*LMS weapon randomization has been improved, you should no longer have players with different sets.
*Various map changes. Bunny wrote up a pointlessly concise document detailing every significant little change listed below if you're into details.
*Fire Pillars can be frozen at varying heights.
*Exploding oil canisters will now detonate other, nearby canisters.
*Sv_Maxlives fix - You can now play LMS with multiple lives.
Pointlessly concise changelog of v1d map edits courtesy of Bunny Must Die, Yo. He put so much thought into it that I didn't have the heart to omit it.
(click to show/hide)Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch Powered Up Expansion V1D Map Changes
-as of 1/31/2012-
+, -, * = Add, Dropped and Changed respectively
-'s inside {} signify addon-listing
Bridge Add ons/changes are 3D platforms unless otherwise stated
This is a ridiculously, unnecessarry concise changelog by BMDYo
Some things are omitted out due to it being already in the changelog.
Do tell me the stuff I missed
Feel free to edit insignificant things

*Bridge that connects Oil Slider to Scorch Wheel is now a chunk of land
*Bridge that connects Scorch Wheel to the interior is now a solid platform
*Item-1 in Drill Bomb area is now Rush Coil
+Chunk of Guts Blocks beside Silver Tomahawk has an Item-1 at the top

*Majority of the weapons removed
   {Removed Weapons:
         -Super Arm
         -Scorch Wheel
         -Ice Slasher
         -Slash Claw
         -Dust Crusher         }
*Water Wave is now where Napalm and Crash Bombs are
*Ice Slasher has been replaced by Yamato Spear
*Super Arm has been replaced by Drill Bomb
*Pillars near Rush Coil now hold Napalm and Crash Bombs
tl;dr Weapons removed; now symmetrical

*Knight Crush is now Rush Jet
*Oil Slider is now Knight Crush
*Thunder Bolt is now Rush Coil
+Said room with Thunder Bolt now has an Oil Slider at the bottom of the bridge
*Said bridge is now a solid platform
*Small Health across Thunder Bolt is now Big Health
*Treble Sentry is now Tango Roll
+1 Small Health added to the turn to Proto Buster
*Freeze Cracker is now Blizzard Attack
+Treble Sentry is now at the base of the Time Slow island, near Blizzard Attack
+Big Health at a corner across Blizzard Attack
*Roll Swing is now Item-1
+Opposite Trebel Sentry, at the base of the Time Slow Island now holds Roll Swing
+1 Small Health and Energy across Shadow Blade
+A little ledge to indicate/give a step boost to Leaf Shield and the teleporter

*Pharaoh Shot is now Oil Slider
*Widened Fire Trench's entrances
*Widened Fire Trench's exit
+Said exit now has an Energy Balancer waiting
*Expanded on the hallway that links Yamato Spear and the start of the Fire Trench.
It now has 2 pairs of Fire Pillars with 2 supports and is now wider
*Ladder leading to Hyper Bomb is now ledges
*Platforms leading to the center area are now lengthened
-Removed fences on said platforms
*Oil Slider is now Skull Barrier

*Texture Changes
*Small energies near Scorch Wheel and health are now slightly more apart
-Removed Big Energy laying around near Charge Shot and 3 canisters
-Said 3 Canisters is reduced to two; middle is taken out
*Hard Knuckle's base area has been slightly reduced
*Gemini Laser is now Quick Boomerang
*Drill Bomb is now Danger Wrap
*Search Snake is now Gemini Laser
*Made Flame Blast's area slightly less crampy
*Flattened a portion of the wall on the left of the Oil Cake/Gemini Laser Area, slightly increased mini nudge's size
*Changed method of entering teleporter entrance; Jumping pillars to a bridge
*The pillar used for jumping to the teleporter is removed
*Lowered a portion of the area from said removed pillar to Fire Storm
+1 Small Energy around the pile of pickups near Fire Storm
+Added Flash Stopper across said Small Energy
*Slightly widened Flash Stopper hallway
*Pushed two canisters in Quick Boomerang room to the wall
+1 Big Energy around the corner of the Quick Boomerang's entrance, near Charge Shot
-Reduced canisters at the oil pool's ladder top to 1

*Texture Changes
*Half of the pit below the 2nd nearest Elec Beam to the start is now a mass of land
 Said mass of land has 1 Small Health and an Exit Unit.
 Exit the area through a new ladder by Scorch Wheel or ledges around the left/Big Energy near Time Slow
*Energy Balancer is now Treble Sentry
*Pathway to the left of the W Tank teleporter is now widened
+Yamato Spear is added to the turn of the pathway
*Energy Balancer is now added to the hallway on the left of Charge Shot
-Removed the Small Energy beside the new Energy Balancer location
-The E Tank wall that is nearest to the hallway is lowered to a ledge
*Thunder Bolt has swapped places with Clrash Bomb
*Screw Crusher is now Star Crash
*Tango Roll is now a Big Energy
*Big Health in the alcove to the right of Star Crash is now Tango Roll
+Said Big Health relocated near Tango Roll
*Bass Buster is now Needle Cannon

*Texture Changes
*Area Revamps
    {-Pathway to the right of Metal Blade links to Danger Wrap
     -Stairs near Charge Kick is now a sloped conveyor}
*Exit Unit added near Danger Wrap
*Move Charge Kick between two pickups
*4 pickups in the center of the Noise Crush room moved to Big Health
+Small Energies added to the stairs near Napalm Bomb
+Pickups Added to Plant Barrier's area
+1 Energy to the base of Time Stop
+2 Energies to Sloped Conveyor

Not a single change

*Slight Texture Change
*Changed Big Health hallway location to the base of the ladder
*Hyper Bomb swapped with Charge Shot


[DR. WILY 2]
*Area Revamps
     {-Waterfalls now have slopes leading up to the central area
      -Fire Man area expanded for more lava. Some fences removed
       W Tank is now inbetween Fire Pillars, with 2 small health around
      -Different method of getting Time Slow. You need to jump a few ledges and cross a bridge.}
+Added Oil Canisters to Oil Man area
*Energy Balancer swapped places with Eddie
*Slash Craw is now Super Arm
*2 Small Health added near Super Arm
+Slash Claw is now between a Big Health and Energy in Time Man's area
That should be all. Again; point out stuff I miss and feel free to omit redundancies
Any changes made after this point, do add to it
v1c changelog
(click to show/hide)-Oil Slider can be used to skate across water surfaces (excludes full water stages).
-Oil Slider drops can be ignited. Works with all fire weapons. Note that ignited oil drops can light the oil pits in Oil Man/Flame Man's stage, so this can be used as a slightly tedious way to ignite pits without flameblast.
-Time Man/DW2 time gimmick will no longer take runes from the player if they have it from an outside source.
-Yaschichis have returned to non-DM modes (but cannot be picked up).
-Item/Weapon rebalancing in various stages.
-Gyroman textures in DW2 replaced with Burst Man bubbles.
-Oil Canister damage increased from 50 to 75 (also slight range increase).
-Fire Pillars have been revamped, and it's possible to freeze them for a lot longer now. Still kinda WIP.
-Oil Fire near the charge buster no longer spawns on top of the small bridges.
-OilmanFC skin updated.
-Bots will now fire Charge Buster/Time Slow when fully charged.
-Energy Balancer can no longer be picked up twice.
-LMS rotation fixed.
v1b Changelog
(click to show/hide)-Full compatibility with v2+ and MM7 weapons included
-Oilman stage's Oil Canisters now look more like oil and less like.....grape soda?
-Oil Slider shot damage increased from 15 to 20
-Oil Slider sled speed slightly increased
-Oil Slider droplets now damage enemies. This also means you cannot pickup an opponents oil droplet
-Time Slow 'slow' animation changed to MM7 style
-DW1 now has 32 dm starts
-Secret upgrade added, can only be obtained by Eddie.
Old Versions
Powered Up v1e
Powered Up v1d
Powered Up v1a
Powered Up v1b
Powered Up v1c


(click to show/hide)The Dev Team

Myroc - Head Organizer, Mapping
Lakister - Miscallaneous
Messatsu - Decorate/ACS Coding, Mapping
SSW - Coding
MrJ - Spriting
Kapus - Skins
Blaze - Mapping, miscallaneous
OrangeMario - Mapping
Arcanum/That Bunny Thing - ???
Yellow Devil - Decorate/ACS Coding


MMPCUT - Myroc
MMPGUT - Myroc, OrangeMario, Messatsu, others who I can't quite recall
MMPTIM - Messatsu
MMPELE - Messatsu, Blaze
MMPOIL - OrangeMario
MMPFIR - VyseTheLegend, Myroc
MMPICE - Messatsu
MMPBOM - Blaze
MMPDW1 - VyseTheLegend
MMPDW2 - Messatsu

Weapons and Items

Time Slow - Yellow Devil, Messatsu
Oil Slider - Yellow Devil, Messatsu
Charge Buster - Messatsu, MrJ
Secret Weapon - Messatsu, MrJ, Kapus
Energy Balancer - SickSadWorld

Skins and Bots
Time Man FC - Blaze, Megaman, Lakister
Oil Man FC - Lakister
Botchats - The_Broker
Megaman? - Squidgy617
A truckload of Roll Skins - Kapus
Ninja Roll, Alley Cat Roll - Ryuga_Knight
Knight Roll, Christmas Roll - Squidgy617
Alternate Time Man - Squidgy617
Alternate Oil Man - Squidgy617

The Testers
The Dev Team
Asd967/King Yamato
There's probably more. Give me a shout if I've missed you!

Special Thanks
Ashley/EpicAncient - Co-Founder of project, who dropped out later on.
The RM8FC Team - For making 8-bit Time/Oil Tilesets and 8-bit remixes of their music
CutmanMike - For making such an awesome game
Skulltag - For providing the engine which MM8BDM uses
You! - For playing this expansion! Also for reading through these credits!

Time Man and Oil Man (sprites and weapons) may or may not be in the Mega Man 8 expansion due to them being in Rock Man 8 FC. Might want to wait and see if that is true.


--- Quote from: "The_Broker" ---Time Man and Oil Man (sprites and weapons) may or may not be in the Mega Man 8 expansion due to them being in Rock Man 8 FC. Might want to wait and see if that is true.
--- End quote ---
Oh dear. I was not aware of this. That might complicate matters.


--- Quote from: "Myroc" ---Oh dear. I was not aware of this. That might complicate matters.
--- End quote ---

Well even if they are sir, their stages will assuredly not be made. So that's one thing your expansion can address. And if the characters/weapons aren't added, your expansion can add those things too.


Give me tilesets and I'll do your maps.
(Oil Man and Time Man, although your idea of re-doing maps sounds verrry similar to the Upgraded Maps project)

And have a shot at Oil Slider. Making no promises here but eheh.


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