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Since I can't make skins or maps for the death of me, I have made some game modes!

No Touching Mode
Complete: 100%

In this mode, players are sped up to two times speed, and all items and weapons are removed are removed from the stage. You'll get three weapons, Flash Stopper, Gravity Hold, and Centaur Flash; the only weapons in the game that require no touching of any sort (item, body etc.) This will work in any game mode so long as the modifier is set to buckshot. Special thanks to Ivory with acs compiling and Quick man mode to look onto! Have fun!

Blue Weapons Mode
Complete: 100%

Ladies and gentlemen, Blue Weapons Mode has finally been released! Play with all of the classic Megaman blue MM8BDM weapons! Hard Knuckle! Ice Slasher! Dive Missile! Water Wave! Blizzard Attack! AND MORE! To play, make sure you set the modifier to Buckshot! You can play this in any game mode but it is best in LMS/TLMS.
Download: Mediafire: Filefront:

If anyone has an idea for a mode, please PM me about it. Screenshots will be up ASAP!

So it's like Tag, right??

And what's Blue Weapons mode? Incapable of knowing what gun you have active?

Neat, I'll add this to the wiki if you have no objections

Sure, go ahead.

Also, Blue Weapons Mode is a mode using only Blue Weapons (i.e. Hard Knuckle, Gemini Laser).

Wont the no touching mode also need rain flush?


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