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Project "Assassin"(Mafia mode) thrilling name...i know..

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"Assassin" isn't a working title. Just a project name :P

Megaman Mafia V1A-V4B
(click to show/hide)An assassin is running loose killing innocent bots! In this mod, You and your friends must find and kill the assassin, before he murders everyone!

ALOT of credit goes to Tsukiyomaru Zero for Helping me make this Possible. This is also a Mod of his Assassin Mode.
For V2A, Credit Goes to Gummywormz, Omegazerox,and King Yamato
For V3A, Credit And Special Thanks goes to King Yamato For helping me Code and Program MMM V3A. Give him a Hand!
Nothin really for V3B i just added some stuff...
For V4A i thank King Yamato for helping me here and there.
IPACK (V3) Works!
For V4B same as V3B with some help by Constellation Gemini
BTW Megamanmafia is just a name guys im not putting anything mafia like here, i just needed a cool name.

V1A Stuff
-The Murderer also jumps higher then Normal Players
-The Murderer is chosen randomly and must Kill EVERYONE before he gets caught.
-The Murderer has a Blade that grants a One hit K.O. if he doesn't miss his victim.
-The Murderer is not transparent or a different color as in Tsuki's Assassin mode. It looks as a normal bot.
-The Murderer Has 2 Other Powers. He can super dash as a Sec. Wep, And he can summon Smole bombs.

V2A Changes
-Murderer Jumps Normal
-Murderer Has More Energy
-Less "knockback" when Murderer is attacked
-All players are blue for more suspense
-The Murderers blade has more range
-NOHOPE song Changed
-Spectators cant talk to players
-Some Lag Bugs Fixed

V3A Changes
-Blade Has more range
-NO Skins are Allowed
-Spectators Unmuted
-Killing an Innocent Removes 65% of your energy!
-Bug Fixes
-No "Assassin Teleporting" Effect.
- And, The ITank. It gives you 5 Seconds of Stealth (your still kinda visible so be carefull!) and Invulnrability! Each assassin gets 2!

-Nothin just some stuff...
The dummy buster was not able to make it. due to the Assassin being a Morphed Class. MM7DW4 is also unplayable due to ACS Errors with its Map.
Hope you enjoy and not make me do updates every week! Have Fun!

-Added E Tanks to Players (2)
-Wind Storm and Junk Shield Are removed from Rotation
-New "Last Hope" or "NOHOPE" Changed to "REDALERT". It's fucked up, it won't play. idk why. sorry.
-Dummy Buster Added as Assassin's Alt-Fire (Replaced with dash) R.I.P Dash
-Removed All Other Music And Instead made a Music Pack for People Who want to listen to it (Size is 9 MB, All is kinda looped and .ogg format)
Download Music Pack BELOW!
-Machete Idea SCRAPPED Because no one wanted to help with it so sorry!

-Removed Pharaoh Shot and Super Arm.
-Everyone is Shadow man (what? it fits!).
-Small tiny fixes

Friendly Fire is enabled so Victims know who's innocent. IF you know a player is Innocent, Work Together!
The Murderer will try to act as a normal bot! If your not careful he can stab you in the back!

(OLD) [V1A] Link:

(OLD) [V2A] Link:

(OLD) [V3A] Link:

(OLD) [V3B] Link:

(OLD) [V4A] Link:

(NEW) [V4B] Link:

(NEW) [V4Bu] Link:

[V1A] Mafia Music Pack Link:
Planning for V2:

Completely Fan Idea Based.

So far possible things to add:

I tank makes Assassin Invisible, not invincible + not able to attack

Recieve Same ammount of Health and Damage like others

More range on the knife

Possibility of all weapons LMS gives and Still haz knife // Only 1 Weapon (+ Knife for assassin)

Remove Dummy buster and bring back the dash

3-4 left trigger NOHOPE song and also making it thru the Console

Everyone looks like Sniper joe.

+Theres a Skin version of V4B...

Looks good. I'm gonna try it!

a server is up! play there!

In case anyone asks, I gave DS all permissions to use any resource within and outside it.

Very fun mode, I like it :)

Here's what I suggest for the next version:
-Remove the color changing script in the weapon so that it isn't obvious who is the assassin. At the moment blue people are probably lethal
-Give the weapon slash claw range. Probably best the actual attack (not HUD) was like an OHKO slash claw
-Reduce their jumping height a bit. Once you see someone jump really high, you know that they are the assassin.


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