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SSP_DRSG_v3A Is here :D (Plz Host)

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Duora Super Gyro:
wait... I downloaded all my music off of youtube. does that mean downloading songs off youtube can be illegal.

If it can be bought yes

Duora Super Gyro:
Ok i think i fixed it. Luckuly (Ignor my bad spelling) i had plenty of unused Metroid and DCR Songs :p
The link is gonna be posted again very soon.

Wow... these maps are actually really fun to play on. The weapon layouts could be better but overall these are good.

I was on the server the other day, critiquing these maps.  To sum up what I said:
+ Putting it simply, I like your maps' gimmicks.  I don't know how else to explain it.
+ These layouts are nice.  They have a good variety of sectors and height variation (PLATFORMING IN A GAME ABOUT PLATFORMING)
- Believe it or not, Energy/Health Capsules come in more than one size!  :p
- Too many good weapons close together.  It's not only OP, it makes your weapon inventory hard to sort through!
- LAG CENTRAL!  I'm not sure if it's the maps, or the file size, or what, but these maps appear to lag unnecessarily.


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