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This is the place where I do my decorate stuff.

This is the most recent weapon pack right here! Have fun!
Uki Weps is now officially v3b! v6b compatibility update! Now functions by itself again!

Make sure to turn the 8bdm randomizer options on in order for the weapons and other objects to spawn!

If you have any suggestions please tell me :D

Changelog for the most recent version is here
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Class Base 3, Custom Bar slot 133,134

New in V3b
V6b compatibility!
All weapons are now team colored!
Floor crawlers have had their max step height increased in order to function better
Baleful Strike AP gains are 5 from 3 on kill
Dual Assault Rifle grenade fire rate buffed
Shock Rifle Beam Damager is now slightly wider
Shock Rilfe Core shots are a slightly faster fire rate
Redemeer can now be shot down as intended
Redemeer shots hp from 2 to 10
Ice Burst Platforms should function slightly better
Drift Diamond slow is now the same as Snowy Rain
Snow Slow now has a visual when affected (baby snow flakes :D)
Time Distortion from Time Warp has a temporary time slow graphic visual when affected
Ice Weapons now have the ice death state
Animation fixes for Gravity Well and Acid Burst
Tiny Recode for Lightning Web
A majority of icons went up 1 pixel to match normal pickups
Unreal Health Vials and Health Pickups have been removed, for compatibility reasons

Special Thanks Section Below
(click to show/hide)Cutmanmike - for making MM8BDM and the weapon template that I learned from
Korby - for the hint on how to make the wave like shot for the Tk Wave, and his Seed Satchel Sprite Sheet
xColdxFusionx, Musashi-COM, and Blathers - on helping with the hud of the Cross Bomb "bit mixing" issue
King Yamato - for making the MMV weapon pack which he let me use the healing code from the Grab Buster for the Electric Sapper
Manibogi - Making the much nicer Fake Revolver sprites
TheBladeRoden - For letting me use the green shell code for Air Hockey so it don't bounce on the ground anymore
Lego - Making 8-10 pack which helped with getting a few of my ideas working (mainly the Mirror Buster fix and using inventory as a way
to raise people into the air... never would have figured that out lol)
Messatsu and SickSadWorld - For making the randomizer for Lego's pack which is exactly where mine comes from with edits
Messatsu again - for creating the "force of nature" Hard Knuckle
Kenkoru and Saviorsword - For helping me with testing lots of bugs found because of them
Kenkoru - for the Rod Spin Sprites
Gummywormz - For the new randomizer method that was made in the dirp pack
Trill - Overheal script for the big keg, and general help

Bbonus Soda
Lego - The acs for the Soda Drinker Pro game mode
Copy - The updated huds
Hello... Is anyone here?.... Well if someone is listening... Heres a new mod! This mod is called Make a Class Simulator! Or MACS for short. Whats MACS? Look in the spoiler below!

(click to show/hide)"Whats is MACS?" - The mod basically came around when CSCC was dead for years before they started updating again, and I was always wondering what could happen if I expanded the Uki Class even further beyond what the class design could have ever dreamed.

"What can I do with Make A Class?" - Well the premise is pretty simple, when you load the mod up and start,  you will have a new menu conveniently named Make-A-Class. Within that Menu lies a huge amount of options that allow you to tweak yourself around in various ways, effectively making a "class" while still technically only being the base class.

"What can I change with the Make A Class?" - Well for starters the initial screen has a few options to tweak right off the bat, with your health, movement speed, and jump height. Then you might notice the mainfire and altfire menu. Enter either menu and suddenly you will have a selection of options that can alter the way the weapon can function allowing for all sorts of crazy things.

"So I just adjust the menu options and it works?" - Yes! I am only one person so I might have missed a combo or two but in general if you say select a "rapid velocity shot that crawls on the floor as a ripper, with 150 health, 2 speed, 12 jump", when you hop into a round, thats what you would have.

"Uki, how is the damage concerned, that sounds like it would be busted balance wise!" - Well your not wrong, BUT the damage is calculated through a script for every shot from every player based on what options have been selected, or how you altered your stats! So you can have all the good stuff... but your damage output will suffer immensely for it (not saying that a combo or two probably still shreds harder than anticipated)

"Uki, your mods broke, I am doing -0 damage 0/10 no good" - The key component of the mod is allowing you to gain stats based on what you have attached or what your base stats are, the general rule of thumb is if it feels negative like a stat decrease or just flat nothing, you do more, if you have more of a stat or positive effects like having your shot bounce, you lose power instead."

"What is the altfire capable of?" - When you entire the altfire menu the first option allows you to select a choice of what you might want, there is currently 5 options, flight boost sends you up, dash boost sends you straight ahead, energy absorber which can provide a shield that when struck, can give a bit of energy back, and if you couldn't have guessed, the forth option provides the opportunity to create a whole second shot to play around with! But just as a warning the ammo is cut in half for the altfire so its not a complete second ammo bar! Also if you really want a small power boost, you can give up the altfire for a small damage boost on the mainfire like if you select nothing on any of the main shot categories.

"Ok but why do the bots I am playing against have random colors for them and their shots?" - In the first menu you go into you may have noticed a cosmetic menu. In this menu you can set up both the projectiles colors and even your own colors that will be used when your playing your custom creation! You can also change the sound of the gun being fired to a assortment of sounds from the base game, allowing for even more custom goodness.

"Why do I have headache looking at this menu" - It can be pretty daunting looking at it but after a little while, you will see how simple it really is. And the best advice I can give is if it feels like a negative thing, the damage goes up, if its a positive thing, it goes down. Try to keep yourself balanced and you will be alright.

"Uki this all sounds crazily broken!" - Your probably right! But the mod has always been built with the idea that it would be chaotic anyway so I think it will be alright. I mean you can't balance everything and I am sure there is a few bugs with how I had coded things. But its chaotic fun for all for sure!

As a extra note of caution though, since I have never really tested this online besides basics, the bandwith this mod could probably output is probably absurd do to the color scripts and all the wacky effects the projectile itself can do so I would expect lag spikes and the sort to occur, but you do you!

Now that the Q&A is over that was questions that imaginary people asked me 100%, go try the mod and take it.... to the MACS!
Changelog for the most recent version is here
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Custom Colors 4601 to 4793 claimed for 64 player custom color collections
Class Base 33 taken in case I decide to do some custom damage shenanigans

V1b - The quality of life release! And I guess V6b , man I have had this release on my desktop for over a year...

A new configuration menu has been added to allow you to save up to 3 different designs of your choice for later use!
A Damage Limiter menu has been added for server hosts to allow a potential balancing option (off by default, madness is best)
The color changing script has be rewritten thanks to Trill for the access of the color sliders core uses!
A gravity adjuster has been added to allow control of your shots gravity or negative gravity (rising and arcing converted into this!)
V-Shot and Spread have been added to the Fire Type options for more options!
Slowmo has been added into the projectile movement options which slows down projectiles in the opposite way velocity speeds them up!
A fire damage type has now been added, currently its no different from ice minus oil pit ignition, expect more from it later!
Trails are now selectable in the cosmetics menu! The base 3 trails that were exclusive to certain choices are now in there!
6 options have been added as a graphic choice for your projectiles! Try them out in the cosmetic menu!
Base damage of the unmodified shot is now 20
Nothing now provides nothing
Nothing is now a Mainfire Boost on altfire selection. It now provides a substantial boost to the mainfire of 5 for no altfire function
Any percentage based choices are now done at the end of the damage formula (if you pick a -20% choice it will chop everything by 20%)
Shotgun spread has been tightened a bit to allow it to be slightly better with ranged builds
Shotgun damage reduced from -50% to -60%
Ripper damage multiplyer increased from .3 to .4 damage
Ripper explosion no longer double dips on dropping damage
Explosions damage reduced from 0 (lol no wonder its so good) to -3
Split damage increased from -5 to -4
Boomerang Flag damage increased from -4 to -3
Alt Rev Up and Alt Recoil now properly affects altfire damage
Flight Boost and Dash Boost have had their ammo cost go up from 1 to 2
Flight Boost and Dash Boosts jet colors can now be modified with the altfire cosmetics
60 speed projectiles now reduce damage by 2 from 4 (copypasta can be bad sometimes)
Fixed a damage display bug with altfires and the explosion flag that are not alt shots
Split now has a very tiny delay when activating in order for the color script to keep up with transfer translations when dying point blank (trying to keep script spam to minimum while keeping colors as straight as I can)
Split shots code redone to fix trail issues (inheritance bouncing states from the current code jumping to a state from the inherited shot can be annoying as heck)
The Energy and Signal Trails are sped up a bit and are translucent in order to help with visual clutterbombs
Your base movement speed has been changed up from a gauge of 1-5 to one that kinda tells you how much you gain and loose
Each movement of speed increases and lowers your stat by 1, slight damage decrease for slow builds and increase for fast
builds from the old version
The damage display has been adjusted to get it off the title card/fix it for other screen resolutions
Bots can now be opted out of rng builds for the standard Mega loadout
Bots can now attempt to use the altfires they have had since the beginning
Fixed bots security check to at least do 1 damage with the rng builds when they are under 0 damage
Added a easy alias named MACSMenu to access the menu easier or even if it doesn't exist because of another mod
Menus have easier to read colors for the text
The Menu now attempts to list out how much of a damage change your expecting from all the various selections

Current wip/known issues

Disabiling team colors offline causes shots to not properly translate in team games
Orbital shots in the code but not finished because lazy and needs refreshed code
Trails have issues with split/floorhugger online :I

Thanks to Cutmanmikes weapon template, I have made a weapon of my own. Its called the Energy Buster! This weapon is basically a piercing version of the Needle Cannon with wider spread Not anymore! Now it is a dual buster that has a pretty big spread. Great at close range, and the spread is handy for longer ranges to annoy anyone coming towards you.

(click to show/hide)
The cool looking projectiles

The nice damage

And the stylish look :D
Now introducing.... THE GRAVITY WELL.... sort of.
I couldn't get it to suck people in but what the weapon does atm is when the person gets in the blast radius its real hard to get out. Great trap weapon and for running away due to slow movement and long lasting time. Don't run through it like its just some weak projectile though.... it will crush you down to size!

(click to show/hide)

Looks like old quicky... wasn't quick enough!

Curse limited purple colors!!!
Now this next weapon really isn't all that fancy, I seen a Megaman.exe class being made by SmashBroPlusB and i thought, "Hey there are some interesting weapons from the Battle Network franchise", so I decided to make the Cross Bomb as a weapon! I know the explosions are not from the Battle Network games but with only a white peach and black... don't think it will look so well so for it to be 8 bit.

(click to show/hide)

Bomb goes up...

...and explodes into a cross.

Looks like Megaman took a trip to Borderlands Pandora! He has brought a new weapon from there, the TK Wave! This weapon was one of the earliest weapons that was able to be acquired and it was a showing to people that not all weapons have to shoot straight to be fun! The TK wave is pretty much a shotgun with a "wavelike" projectile and is able to ricochet off of stuff once. 6 shots was its biggest standard clip, so it is also here.

(click to show/hide)

Ride the Wave, Dude!

It's Super Effective!

Alright this next one is also from Battle Network and some people really love this particular chip. Its Air Hockey! What it does is when it is on a flat floor, it bounces around like a puck does on a air hockey table. Considering the fact that in Battle Network, the place that battles were fought were flat, except holes(which the puck fell in), the puck also hates gravity here and will start bouncing to a slow halt not anymore it won't! So use it to have many projectiles bouncing around on the floor, tripping up opponents!

(click to show/hide)
Battle Chip Slot in! Air Hockey!

Looks like Slash Man got puck'd.

We all know that Fake Man didn't have a weapon right? Well I decided to make a version of what it could have been (at least in this game). It is a Buster upgrade item like the Proto or the Bass buster. Bass's was the machine gun of the bunch, Proto was the hard single hitter with extra defense, Fake Man here is the sniper of the bunch with fast moving shots and decent damage. Now whats the downside to this, well if you haven't already looked at the pictures you can see he has a ammo bar. "WHAT ON A BUSTER UPGRADE THATS LIKE A DOWNGRADE!" is what most people would say, if it didn't reload every six shots (like a revolver). Consider that its big disadvantage with using that over other weapons. But it still holds up in combat. This is the weapon on the Dark Man and Fake Man weapon topic that I posted there too but I'm adding to my pack anyway for more variety.Now comes with a alt for reloading :D

(click to show/hide)
Hmm? What's that in my Inventory?



NEW REVOLVER LOOK! (thanks again Manibogi!)

Reason for the coloring is thats the lightest blue i could get to that color.And I didn't do white because it would hurt everyones eyes lol.
Alright so its time for a aoe weapon of unique proprtions!! Once again from Battle Network this chip always had some strategic use (mainly to keep it alive while it pummels its foes). Its time for Meteors! It summons the stick that floats wherever you put it and will summon many meteors to crash into the ground! It sounds op considering it lasts a long time but there is a catch, ANY shot including your own can destroy the stick where its stands, stopping the meteor rain. And it only has 2 uses before you gotta fill up, so you better hide your sticks!

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Meteors... don't sound that great


We could use some rain.... METEOR RAIN AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

This next weapon is not from any game in particular so consider it a Ukiyama original :D The weapon is called the Electric Sapper! What it does is shoots many small electric balls that are short range and with low damage in a wide radius and whenever one hits a opponent, it comes back and heals you for the damage done! Due to this though the weapon drains its ammo really fast and its harder for it to refill without using your precious weapon tanks. So if you want some risky healing, this is for you!

(click to show/hide)

MMMMmmmm tasty energy!

The next weapon here is not based on any Megaman game but is a unique idea in general for a weapon. It is the Wind Shield (lol pun). It is a Leaf Shield with the ammo of the Star Crash... wait is that a downgrade... yet again? Well yea for defensive purposes but it puts you in a low gravity state, for higher jumping! But what is even better is the actual throw of the shield... lets just say you don't want to be Wily on the picture below!

(click to show/hide)

Poor, poor Wily...... if only he knew...

The next weapon here is the Wood Tower! The main attack is based off of certain attacks in the Battle Network series which made a giant wood spike come up out of the ground. It has the basis of the Gyro Attack meaning the first click will launch the ground rumbling showing where the spike will appear and the next click will send up the spike, or if you hold it, it will keep launching close range spikes! This is one floor hugger you can't just jump over :D

(click to show/hide)

Alien just got a splinter that's all....

This weapon that is next is the Frost Missile, Blizzard Buffalo's weapon from Megaman X3 (not called shield because it can't charge). This weapon is a decent speed standard projectile for the most part but once it collides with a wall or player, it will create a frost spike that will sit on the ground for a little while making your foes have a harder time moving around! Lets just say running straight at the projectile will not be very wise... Frost Spike now does not die on ceilings and walls now! (except in certain cases)

(click to show/hide)

Alien just got SPIKE'd

This weapon here is the Shining Ray from X8! It is basically a short range Freeze Cracker, meaning once it travels a short distance, it explodes itself! It's damage is slighty better due to the short range of it as well for both the main shot and the small shots.

(click to show/hide)

Not as shiny as X8 but its something.

Maybe you should pay attention when your getting shot at instead of staring at the sparkles Alien...

Alright the next weapon is another X8 weapon... its the Squeeze Bomb! What it does is it travels really slow (darn) but it grows in size and power over a traveling distance (yay). It's really great on long walkways where you can basically make a wall of the Squeeze Bombs...sadly they cannot be aimed for the time being now it can be aimed :D!
(click to show/hide)

Ooooo Squeezed down to size...

The next weapon here is a bit funny. I always laugh at the idea of this weapon but here it is... THE BUBBLE SPLASH from X2... spray your foes away with deadly.. bubbles?! Yea bubbles, even I can't make a serious description of this one but it still does decent damage and kills people who like to hop around a bit.

(click to show/hide)

Why Needle Man! There just bubbles! *moans*

Well after that last weapon, this one actually would pose a threat... bubbles pfff. Who needs that when I got Acid Burst from X3! This weapon fires in a arc and when it collides with a wall, ceiling or the floor, it explodes into 4 small acid bursts. Comes complete with edited water wave sounds when it impacts anything!

(click to show/hide)
Yea we could use some... acid?! Where's my rain?


We are going into Battle Network territory by bringing back the Boomer chip (called Boomerang in this just because I like that name more). It does exactly what it did in Battle Network, goes forward, 90 degree turn, and another 90 degree turn to comes back. Due to the walls in this game, if it hits a wall, it will skip to the next step in order to keep going! Due to the awkwardness of the weapon though, I gave it a alt fire so it can due the exact opposite direction of the 90 degree turns. Campers beware of the new threat!

(click to show/hide)


Yes Blizzard Man, I would be confused as well.

Alright the weapon here is probably gonna make you pull out your hair whenever you see someone using it lol. It is the Crystal Hunter from X2. What it does is when you get hit by it, you will be stuck in a crystal, unable to move for 5 seconds, and will fall Gravity Hold style. During the time though you are invincible to any attack. The damage it does is low enough that you would probably rather use FLASH STOPPER for damage over this... So use it to run away or prepare the ultimate counter (sitting on top of them with top spin comes to mind).

(click to show/hide)

Ehh... I never liked you anyway Plantman.

Needs moar Burple...
This next weapon here is the Double Cyclone from X4! It is basically a airshooter with 2 shots instead of 3... but with a added bonus because I like uniqueness it also launches people like wind storm! So a anti air weapon, that forces people into the air?! How much better could it get!
(click to show/hide)

You ever play Fireman in classes and wanted the ability to launch walls of fire anwhere? Well this next weapon here will do just that, the Melt Creeper from X8! It launches a smaller variation of the Fireman's firewall that does less damage and cannot climb walls. But even with those setbacks this weapon is a beast and will melt you into liquid metal!
(click to show/hide)


This next weapon is one that IS a clone of a weapon in already but it was one of my favorites in the game it was in, the Electric Spark from Megaman X! It is a smaller, less damaging, faster shooting version of the Thunder Bolt! So if you have a choice between both, pick which you like more. (Yes I know the colors are nothing like Megaman X but if people want it to be the standard colors for ANY of the X weapons, let me know and if enough people want it I'll change them).
(click to show/hide)

This is Launch Octopus's weapon from Xtreme 2 for the Gameboy Color, the Marine Tornado! In the actual game its just a clone of Storm Tornado's charge... well not this time, what it does is creates a massive tornado that slowly moves forward... ok not so exciting is it. Well how about the fact you can RIDE the tornado! Yup you can make friends(working on this sorry for false info :(), foes, and yourself fly up into the air! It does have a very tight ammo count though, so use it wisely for either transportation or destroying your foes! Now in LMS rotation, has a new firing sound, and also is able to be used while jumping (hoping not as op as it sounds)!

(click to show/hide)
Blue colored Tornado Hold... No not really, just a big tornado with big responsibility!

(one second later) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright the next version is ready for action! Don't get too excited though... not much is in this update. First weapon on the list is Drift Diamond from X8! Think of it as a combination of both parts of Time Slow, its shoots in a V formation and when it hits a target, it slows them down a bit which allows for nice comboing up close!

(click to show/hide)
Even has a nice little dust trail :D

The next weapon here is Ray Splasher from X3! What it does is pretty much what it did in the game, shoots 7 shots in a random spread in front of you at a pretty fast velocity to boot! Its got everything minus power but with all those shots does it really matter anyway?

(click to show/hide)

Most efficient machine gun next to the Bass Buster!

The last weapon here is the Green Spinner from X8! Think of this as a slower moving and firing Ballade Cracker, but is more efficient ammo wise to use and a slightly bigger blast radius too. Yea not much difference but since that's really all it was I guess its not that bad :D

(click to show/hide)
The missile looked a little bland for something owned by Bamboo Pandamonium so it resembles bamboo a bit more :D

So Balla... I mean Green Spinner blew him to pieces XD

Yep, same colors as Energy Buster
The Time Warp weapon is my idea of a weapon similar to Time Stopper that doesn't just halt the game lol. What it does is when you use it you start having sparkles around you and will be able to move at speeds even Quick Man would be jealous of. And the best part is when you run by other enemies, it causes a time distortion to them if you want to call it that and causes them to move at reduced speeds, while you keep your incredible speed! It does have the same limits as time stopper though, you can't switch out of it and once its ammo is gone, it disappears. But at least you can pick up ammo or use your W tanks to keep you moving!

Merry early Christmas Cutstuff Community! This is a small update to fix a couple things, but after I put "Snowy Rain" on my location, I couldn't help myself. Snowy Rain is essentially a multi hit Rain Flush that also slows the enemy down by half for a little while. Use it to combo up with a Hard Knuckle, or just use it in general and dish out lots of pain!

(click to show/hide)
Guess which snow is the deadly one >.>

If Napalm likes eating the snow, you will too :D

The Magnum is a different weapon of sorts, when you hold the fire button it paints targeting reticules at wherever your pointing and as soon as you run out of ammo, you fly up into the sky and cause them all to explode (Battle Network explain what your tossing >.>) causing mass damage depending on how many connect with your opponent. But while putting down reticules, your movement is hindered, so having height advantage and a good place for cover while painting targets is a good idea! Nuke in style!

(click to show/hide)


The Glass Ball Weapon is my Christmas weapon that couldn't make it on time for Christmas due to 3a and what not so, here is what it is, it a charging weapon that has 28 variable shots, based on how long you hold it, click fast for a short range, weak attack, or charge it up and get a high damaging, fast, long range attack. When it hits anything, it will shatter causing glass to fly out and possibly hit something for minor damage!

(click to show/hide)

Rod Spin is a weapon based on Buster Rod G. from Wily Wars, it is a frontal hugging weapon that can also block bullets in a similar manner to the Proto Shield. Protect and dish out damage, what a deal! Its biggest weakness is the fact its a melee weapon, but with shielding, getting up close should be a breeze. Just watch your rear!

(click to show/hide)

The Master Sword is based off of the LTTP variation of the Master Sword, shooting the circular beams at full health, but after being hit once they are gone. It is a buster upgrade weapon as well, but its melee damage more than makes up for the lack of a ranged spam weapon. Charge up your spin and unleash, or poke people with it!

(click to show/hide)

The Seed Shooter is a Orcale of Ages weapon that shot out seeds that bounced around corners. Not much has really changed in this specific weapon. I have chosen the mystery seed as the seed of choice just for a fun outcome of a weapon. It's a mystery in what they do! (if you played the game you can probably guess >_>). Spam seeds around corners and hope for the best!

(click to show/hide)

The Spinning Blade from X3 is a simple weapon to understand. It goes forward for a while, then it will start curving backwards at a a fast rate. It's a ripper in this, and sweet spotting this during the start of the curving is so good. Of course, it also has Thunder Beam syndrome where hitting with blade going backwards is just what. This weapon is surely a "cut" above the rest!

(click to show/hide)

The Storm Shot, a custom copy weapon for Hyper Storm H, is a fairly straight forward weapon. You hold the main fire and constantly blow air in the direction your facing, and after a short period, it fires out a shot that hits for moderate power. Keep close range foes at bay with this weapon.

(click to show/hide)

I'm really liking the weapons you're making so far! Don't stop! They're really good!

Energy Blaster:
A more powerful, ripping Needle Cannon with great ammo. It kills someone in three seconds if you continually fire at them.
One click fires two shots and takes one ammo. Six shots are needed to kill. Three ammo is required to kill someone. This is not good.

To nerf, you could probably reduce the ammo. For mappers, don't put this weapon out in the open.
I like the colors though.

Also, you have the weapon called "EnergyBuster" when it should be "EnergyBusterWep."

Gravity Well:

You have the "GravityWell" problem here. It should be "GravityWellWep."

Get anyone stuck in the radius and they're essentially dead. Incredible stunlock is incredible. I suggest giving it the "Quick" damagetype so that people can't get stuck in it. If you're deadset on that stunlock, unless it's at 1, reduce the damage. It's pretty much the ultimate area denial weapon.


--- Quote from: "Korby" ---Gravity Well:

You have the "GravityWell" problem here. It should be "GravityWellWep."

Get anyone stuck in the radius and they're essentially dead. Incredible stunlock is incredible. I suggest giving it the "Quick" damagetype so that people can't get stuck in it. If you're deadset on that stunlock, unless it's at 1, reduce the damage. It's pretty much the ultimate area denial weapon.
--- End quote ---

Judging by the post, the stunlock was apparently the point. My recommendation? Make it deal low damage ad have a short duration. Low damage to prevent it from being a cheap way to get kills, and low duration to keep the annoyance factor to a minimum.


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