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What is MM8BDM?

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Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch is a deathmatch mod for Skulltag which has been megaman-ified. Everything looks and feels the same as if it was on the old 8-bit Nintendo. The twist is that you're now in 3D and destroying other players in deathmatch arenas based on the Robot Master's levels.

The mod includes new weapons, levels, skins and more. It doesn't even require Doom to play!

Check this out for more information

what will i need to play it?  :mrgreen:

A brain.


No you don't. All you need is Skulltag.
You will need doom2.wad to play other mods by Cutmanmike but he is making 8-Bit Megaman deathmatch a stand alone IWad.

IWad = Internal wad (The actual game)
PWad = Patch wad (A mod for the actual game)


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