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ST features (that would be nice) before release

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Here's a list of features missing from Skulltag that I need before I can finish MM8BDM properly. There's no way anyone can help me out with these except the Skulltag devs, but I thought I'd better note it somewhere in case I need reminding later.

Ignore Skulltag resources
Right now, running MM8BDM results in a ton of texture errors. This doesn't effect MM8BDM in game but it takes a minute to boot up while it prints all these damn errors. The reason is Skulltag uses a lot of Doom 2 graphics to produce new textures, but those graphics do not exist in the Mega Man IWAD file. Luckily they are aware of the problem.

Required for Flash Stopper. This flag is in ZDoom but currently not in Skulltag. Without it, there's no way to do zero radius damage to force things into their pain state which is required to do non-damaging special attacks. In this case I want to blind the player if they're closer than so many units to the attack.

A_Explode, fullradiusdamage
Required for Flash Stopper, Centaur Flash, Gravity Hold, Rain Flush, Explosive weapons and more. Right now radius damage increases the closer you get to the caller of this function, which is not desirable in many cases like these.

NSF support
Not required but would be extremely helpful. NSF is the nes format for the music files, which is the only way to fly when it comes to mega man music. If I can't get this, I'll have to make an ogg for every single track (ew).

Hopefully these will be implemented by the time I've finished every single map  :p

If you're unable to get an NSF player going, I'd gladly help you get those OGGs; I would just need you to PM me with the tracks you need, how many times it needs to loop, file size, etc.

That sounds very helpful! I shall remember that if things look grim with the ol NSF support

This is your friend for making .ogg audio files.

Download it, open the program. Right click on the "Drop files here" box.

Click "Encoding Options" then click on the "Use ABR mode"

Set 'Min. Bitrate' to 0 kbps, 'Nom. Bitrate' to 46 kbps and 'Max. Bitrate' to 46 kbps.


Then, however. You'll need .WAVs or .FLACs of the music. Then just drag and drop it into the box.

Wait for it.. And when it's done. You'll know what "lossless OGG music/sound compression" is. ;)

XMPlay has a plug in for NSF files, and you can set XMPlay to, instead of playing the file, convert it to OGG.  The quality is great, but you can adjust it to make it small or large or whatever.  If the NSF file has a specific loop point, it picks up on it.


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