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[Game Mode] Stinko's SaxtonHale: V3D beta + Mapper's needed!

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Beta Testers found! Thanks to everyone who volunteered!

Beta Testers List:
(click to show/hide)Neo
If you are here thinking this is lego's, then im sorry, but this is mine, not his.I did not know lego was working on this until someone told me

Anyways, I have been working on a mode known as Saxton Hale and here's how it works:
One player is selected to be saxton hale a boss, and he/she must kill everyone else, while trying not be killed (he/she has a 1HKO weapon). The boss can super jump using item use, and rage blast with alt fire, which shoots a giant ball of doom Varies depending on the boss. Of course, to fill rage, the boss has to take damage. 250 base hp, plus 250 per player after 2 players join(3 including whom ever is sax). These numbers are bound to change. Also, this must be played on LMS, not TLMS. Last man standing gets a spread rune and an exit unit, dramatic music plays, all that other stuff. Simple enough, right?

Due to the long wait for the next version (and the fact that I was dead for quite a while), I decided to make this beta public.
Download the public beta HERE!(Download from Best. Ever.)
Also new to saxton hale, Saxton Hale-based classes!
No, there are no custom weapons.Okay, there is technically a custom weapon for supporter...I guess? To see more info, go to the classes section of this topic.
Download the beta for classes HERE!(Download also from Best. Ever.)
Bar Fixes Coming soon!

Hale suggestions have returned!
Go wild with your suggestions again, now that damage is available and such! Same rules apply:
-No AOF primary attacks (Centaur Flash, Flash Stopper, etc.). If your hale has one, provide a good reason why, and also if it makes it, it probably wont be very effective.
-Try to avoid making your hale's name YOUR name. We already have CSCC for that.
-Health must be at a reasonable level.
-Please try to provide ALL details of your boss. Skin, passive abilities, etc.

Mappers needed!
Are you good with mapping? Do you want to make a map for one of the bosses? Well now you can!
I am looking for mappers willing to make maps for bosses. If you want to make one, let me know in this topic or via PM!
Current maps:
(click to show/hide)Saxton Hale - Done (Me) - Mann Co. HQ
Ghost of Starman V2 - Avalible
Cave Johnson - Avalible
Christian Brutal Sniper - Avalible
Seeman / Seeldier -Avalible
Gentle Spy - Avalible
NeoDS - Avalible(?)
Pissed Off Roll - Avalible
Ra Thor Reborn - Avalible
Gilgamesh - Avalible
Scrooge McDuck - Avalible
Slenderman - Avalible
Morshu - Avalible
Captain Falcon - Avalible
Older versions (ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH MM8BDM V2): (click to show/hide)V1A:



V3C "hot fix":
Older Bar Fixes: (click to show/hide)Powered Up:
YD Bars Fix:
KY Bars Fix:
CSCC Bars Fix:

Powered up:

Powered up: BROKEN

Powered Up:
KY: if you are using a bars fix, it must go after the classes in the additional wads, and must be used alone EDIT: Also, the Powered Up compatibility is not needed if you are using a bars fix.EDIT 2: I sure love me some strikes. Anyways, the base is now always required, no matter what bars fix you use. The bars fix must go after the mod, and the mod must go infront of the classes / powered up mod, and once again, powered up is NOT needed if you are using a classes addon.)
Example: Powered-up, Classes-v6e, SaxtonHaleV2B, SaxtonHaleYDClassesFix)
Example 2: KYClasses, SaxtonHaleV2B, SaxtonHaleKYClassesFix)

(click to show/hide)V3D:
-Updated to be compatible with V3.
-Two new bosses!
-Two new saxton hale maps! (All maps are now in the pk3 from now on)
-Slight health buff to most bosses
-Last man timer added to avoid uber long matches.
-Ninja Spy renamed to Gentle Spy + new sounds and a theme
-Roll can now recover up to 1500 hp.
-Hales are now frozen for 3 seconds apon being selected.
-Hard mode added! When it happens, bosses have 500 more health / 30 seconds added to the survival timer, start with 50% rage, and players only have 1 W-tank to use, plus other changes.
-CVARS! Yay!
-Server Side:
sax_hardmode: Permanently activates hard mode.
sax_lastmantimer: Sets the time, in minutes, to how long until a tie when there is one survivor left. Set to 0 for unlimited time (please don't though =P)
-Client Side:
sax_killsoundsoff: If 1, you won't hear kill sounds. If 0, you will every 3 kills.
-Gilgamesh's rage changed to Rocket Punch due to popular vote.
-Slenderman's item changed to "scaring" every1 near it for a short amount of time.
-Slenderman is now a "floor hugger", and cannot jump anymore.
-Slenderman is now stunned for a slightly longer time.
-Ra Thor's minions' health reduced.
-Other various minor changes

-Two new bosses!
-New Saxton Hale Based Map!
-The famous map change glitch is fixed
-Damage now available!
-Cave's lemons no longer 1HKO, but burn it's victims.
-GOSM can now move around while raging
-Roll now very rapidly recovers HP while raged
-Some bosses now have kill sounds
-New win/lose music
-You can kill your allies upon a victory
-NeoDS now moves VERY fast while raged
-Brutal Sniper's rage changed
-Ra Thor's black hole wont always 1HKO if your lucky enough to get hit by the last few frames
-Ra Thor's minions will deal massive damage, and can 1HKO.
-Gilgamesh's rage now makes anyone near get stuck.
-Gilgamesh's health reduced
-Other various changes

-Two new bosses!
-Many Problems regarding the game not ending with the lms fixed
-Health for some bosses adjusted.
-Roll's broken rage fixed.
-W Tanks for bosses fixed.
-Weapon types for hales! See weapon info.

V3A Hotfix:
-...just read Lifeup's post. Those are fixed.
-Neo's rage now has fast speed

-Two new bosses! More info below.
-Some bosses' speeds have been changed.
-Armour has been removed from some bosses
-Bosses now have slight re-gen to prevent stalling.
-Max Amount of W-Tanks increased (Read Below).
-LMS Now gets 15 W-Tanks. FIFTEEN.
-Cave Johnson's lemons now act like Hyper Bombs.
-Hale's rage changed! See below.
-Ninja Spy now has "lives".

-Fixed a problem with the lms not getting buffs against seeldier only.
-Fixed a problem when seeldier can switch weapons while using rage.
-The glitch with the game not ending with the Seeman Seeldier duo OFFICIALLY fixed. (finally!)
-Cave Johnson's health reduced.
-GOSM'S health Increased.
-Saxton Hale's health increased.
-Cave Johnson's rage lemons only are now "rockets".
-Bosses other than hale now have a lower chance of being picked.
-Seeldier's death ramming speed reduced.

-GOSM sounds have been changed, to be more fitting (He's a lot more...scarier. At least 20% *shot*)
-Fixed a bug with Saxton Hale's rage or super jump bars not raising in the YD Fix
-Fixed another bug with the game not ending with Seeman and Seeldier.
-Range for punching and kukri attacks slightly increased
-Explosion range for Christian Brutal Sniper's rage increased
-Cave Johnson's rage quote volume slightly increased
-Top Spin no longer stun-locks bosses (No more jumping on bosses and spinning them to death).

V2B Fix:
-Robo-Sniper and GOSM's rage's changed.
-Range for all attacks slightly increased
-Seeman and Seeldier's Health has been slightly reduced.

-Fixed a problem with rage warnings not appearing
-Fixed a problem with the game not ending after the seeman seeldier duo defeat all the players
-New boss: Ninja Spy
-LMS Sounds re-added using the announcer from tf2's voice

-Multiple Bosses!
-Each Boss has a different amount of HP, and a unique rage.
-Some bosses have custom music IF they are chosen
-For more info on the bosses, read the boss info spoiler.

-Now compatible with classes, no patch required. just needs a bar patch so that hale can see his/her bars.

-Health reduced to 200 per player
-Sax's punch range has been greatly reduced
-Sax's punch cool down lowered
-Sax's rage changed to be almost the same as in the original mod (People caught in range get harshly reduced speeds)
-High jump and rage charges are now longer
-High jump and rage sounds are no longer ambient sounds
-Sax no longer has "stun proof armour"

V1A (First Release):
-Health counter in bottom left corner
-Warning sign for max rage
-Other small HUD's
-SFX from the actual Saxton Hale mod addedWeapon Info: (click to show/hide)Fist: Has the longest range, but the longest cool down.
Claw: Has the shortest range, but the shortest cool down.
Hand Weapon: Has average range and cool down.
Other: Will be described.Boss Info:
(click to show/hide)Saxton Hale:
After receiving a call from Dr. Light about his interest in the Mann Co. weaponry, Saxton Hale travelled to deliver the weapons. Just Before he enters the lab, he sees many robots that appear to be battling. Due to the current robot crisis going on in Hale's life, he instantly turns violent and begins to attack the robots. Will the robots be able to defeat this powerful foe?
Health: High
Weapon: Fist
Rage: Super Armor
Rage Info: Saxton Hale gains stun resistance and damage resistance for a short amount of time.

The Ghost of Starman V2:
when Ness and his Party defeated The Ghost of Starman many times, The Ghost of Starman has had enough. He began to train himself, greatly increasing his power. After discovering a group of robots, The Ghost of Starman begins to test his new power, while adding on "V2" to the end of his name.
Health: Average
Weapon: Claw
Rage: PSI StarStorm Omega
Rage Info: The Ghost Of Starman's signature attack. He summons multiple stars to rain from the sky, killing anyone in sight.

Cave Johnson:
Despite Cave suffering from a fatal illness, Cave still continues to contribute to science. His newest invention, the Combustible Lemon, is exactly as it sounds. A dangerous lemon that explodes. He has gathered a group of robots to help him test his new invention.
Health: Under Average
Attack: Lemon Cannon: Cave fires a lemon that explode on contact AFTER the first rotation.
Rage: Lemon Storm
Rage Info: Cave sets his cannon to overdrive, making it shoot a large amount of lemons exactly like RPG's.

Robo-Christian Brutal Sniper
The Christian Brutal Sniper plans to go on vacation, he still wants someone or something to do his dirty work. He then commences to create a robot of himself. When that was completed, he sent this robot to kill any other robots unfortunate enough to run into him.
Weapon: Machete (Hand weapon)
Rage: Equip the Brutal Sniper
Rage Info: Robo-Christian Brutal Sniper equips a blaster that has a long cool down, but kills anything it hits.

The Seeman and Seeldier are two very strange fellows. They are most commonly known for pointing at things they find interesting, and shouting "SEE?". One day, they found some robots with weapons, and surely enough, found them very interesting, only to find out they were very violent. Angered, the Seeman and Seeldier begin to attack these robots.
Health: Low
Weapon: SEE? Punch (Fist)
Seeman Rage: Fire Circle
Rage Info: Seeman unleashes his true power and sends multiple fire balls spiralling out of him, killing anyone near.
Seeldier Rage: Death Ramming
Rage Info: Seeldier begins to rush forward with his fist in front of him, killing anyone that gets in the way.

Gentle Spy
Being who gentle spy is, he tends to "settle things like gentlemen". Feeling that the robot's just arn't doing it right, Gentle Spy proceeds to show them the more gentlemanly way to finish their battles.
Health: Low
Weapon: Gentle Claw (Claw)
Passive ability: Dead Ringer Resurrection
Info: The Gentle Spy uses his dead ringer just before he dies, allowing him to fight again at full health. This device only works twice.
Rage: Partial Invisibility
Rage Info: The Gentle Spy turns partially invisible, making him hard to see. If he uses this rage while partially invisible, he will gain full invisibility.

Neo DS
Training high up in the cold mountains for many years, he has gained a resistance to both cold and heat. He awaits his fated battle with megaman.
Contributed by: Neo
Health: Below Average
Weapon: Laser Blade (Hand Weapon)
Active Ability: Dodge Roll
Info: Upon hitting the alt fire button, NeoDS preforms a quick roll, allowing for quick getaways or fierce strikes.
Rage: Enter Dark Soul Mode
Rage Info: NeoDS loses all controll and enters his Dark Soul form. During this time, he has a faster attacking speed and damage resistance.

Pissed Off Roll
Roll has had enough of being a worker bot! She tries to join the robot competition, only to get rejected. In her fury, she picks up her broom and goes on a rampage. The Robot Master competition is cancelled, and all the robot masters must work together to stop this mad robot.
Health: Low
Weapon: Pissed Off Swing (Hand Weapon)
Rage: Cool Off
Rage Info: Roll calms down slightly, and gains a faster attack speed. She also slowly recovers health.

Ra Thor Reborn
Despite Ra Thor being destroyed by Megaman, his components still remained. One day, an unknown scientist came across Ra Thor's parts, and began to re-create him, with some new upgrades. After he was ready, the scientist was going to send him to the Robot Master Competition. However,  Ra Thor began to go berserk and broke out of the lab. He has been hypnotizing other robots to create a robot army of his own. Now the Robot Masters must stop this monster before its too late!
Health: Below Average
Weapon: Black Hole: Summon a black hole that stays with you for its duration. Has a long cooldown.
Item 2: Hypnotism: Ra Thor hypnotizes the robot in front of him, and makes it do his biddings.
Rage: Hyper Dash
Rage Info: Ra Thor preforms three high speed dashes, killing anyone in the way. He is unstoppable in this form.

After escaping from the void, Gilgamesh finds himself in a futuristic city. Interested, he wanders this strange city, in search of battle. And... uh... Bartz.
Contributed By: DarkAura
Health: High
Speed: Slow
Weapon: Excalibur (Hand Weapon)
Rage: Rocket Punch
Rage Info: Gilgamesh thrusts his arm forward, and fires an explosive fist forwards. away...
Contributed by: YGP1111 (Original Idea), xColdFusionx (Edits), Gizmo The Cat (Boss Type Suggestion)
Weapon: It's coming to get you...
Health: There is no escape...
Rage: Help Me...
Rage Info: All hope is lost...

Scrooge McDuck
Because Scrooge is so rich, he decided to create a time portal. Setting it to a random time, Scrooge ended up in the year 20XX. Interested, Scrooge sets out, in search of money. He meets some very violent looking robots, and does what he would do with any other enemy he comes across, fights them.
Contributed by: DarkAura, Orange Juice :| (Rage suggestion)
Weapon: Scrooge Cane (Hand Weapon)
Health: High
Rage: Moby Moon Party
Rage Info: Scrooge summons his four pet Moby's to "swim" around the map, killing anyone that they come into contact with.

Morshu *NEW*
After so many people not having enough rupees and people just plain trolling him by not buying stuff, Morshu nukes the shop and roams the world, destroying all those who oppose him. He recently encounters a group of survivors and, after a misunderstanding of trying to negotiate prices, decides to just kill them all for their incompetence.
Contributed by: Rozark
Weapon: Morshu Bomb
Weapon info: Morshu picks up a bomb, and throws it at his opponents. This weapon works like super arm. Holding the bomb for too long will cause self damage! Has a long cool down.
Health: Average
Rage: Giant Morshu Bomb
Weapon Info: Morshu picks up a giant bomb and throws it. It has a long fuse, but a HUGE range, so get out of there ASAP!

Captain Falcon *NEW*
Captain Falcon loves a good challenge. Despite being a racer, Captain Falcon is also a very good fighter. After hearing about a robot competition, he wanted to see just how tough these "Robots" were, and commanded that he fights these robots at once.
Contributed by: Orange Juice :|, Bikdark(Giving OJ the idea)
Weapon: Fist...thats really it.
Health: Above Average
Rage: Falcon Punch
Rage info: Captain Falcon charges his fist, and fires a big flaming fist forward (THE RANGE OF THE FIST MAY CHANGE IN THE TRUE VERSION OF V3D)Class Info:
(click to show/hide)Speedster:
+Can outrun some hales.
+Has a higher jump hight then all the other classes
-Deals 40% less damage

+Can resist hale attacks
+Deals 25% more damage
-Upon taking damage, fly back and gain temporary invulnerability
-Slower than the normal megaman class
-Reduced Jump Height

+Alt-firing with a full bar launches a random weapon for your allies
-Can only use the mega buster
-Cannot pick up itemsSome Screen Shots (OUT DATED):
(click to show/hide)
What appears when sax's rage is full, and when he is dead (click to show/hide)
"You shouldn't call it Saxton Hale, call it 'The Ghost of Starman' " - Lobsters.

Just Comparing

Finally this was put up. I am telling you guys, this mod is great. Definatly  try it out, I will be hosting it frequently.

And you beat me to it...good gameinb4 controversy...
So yea, still working on it...and I still plan on releasing it.

Interesting.   Ya may want to compress the audio file.  The quality is insanely high (320kbps) for something like this.

Hallan Parva:
You've been gone for a while now, haven't you?

Anyway, welcome back, and congrats with the new mode.


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