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--- Quote from: "Ivory" ---Oh and for those of you with projects, you are best off to either post in this thread or PM me that you have Doomseeker workable links.
--- End quote ---
Or bump, or any thing really. Saves everyone time and headaches that way. But if most people were ensuring doomseker can find their wads, then this rule and change isn't even going to bother them.

I think this one might be the easiest to use:
What's your opinion?
Also, Work-In-Progress is its own group. Why not rename that group to "Expansions and Packs" and add a "Completed Expansions/Packs" while renaming "WIP Forum" to "WIP Expansions/Packs"? Then add the rule for the Forum "Projects" that the thread will be moved from "Completed" to there once the content is hosted in a wadseeker-friendly site.

Sounds like a good idea to me i won't be using the wadhost sites anytime soon but if i do make maps and/or new game mode i'd use it

Super Bondman 64:
As a person with no finished projects, this sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

It would probably also be helpful for new users, too.

Mr. X:
Excellent idea!  In a game where additional files are basically a requirement to play, this will definitely help both newcomers who might not know where to go for each file and those of us who'd rather not go searching for 5 different topics just to join one server.


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