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Get the 2012 Halloween Expansion here!
Get the skins from the Halloween Expansion here!
(If you can't open .rar files, rename it to a .zip and just open the .zip.)
Here's a Best-Ever mirror for the expansion! Thanks Bluebrawl!
Here's the skins in .rar format!

It's becoming that time of the year again!
The time when ghosts, goblins, and ghouls come out to play!
So, to celebrate such a spooky season, it's time to make another Halloween Expansion!

To help out, you can make a skin based on a wicked Mega Man enemy, or a scary transformation of your favorite robot master, such as a Headless Centaurman!
You can also make a creepy map for everyone to play on! Feel free to use custom textures, or else we might end up with a bunch of Skullman and Shademan maps.

Everything should be submitted before Halloween, with the final deadline being October 30th at 11:59 PM!

Accepted applicants will receive a Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch Extender medal !

So without further adieu, here's what's done, or being done!

(click to show/hide)Skins:
Headless Centaurman - Korby [DONE]
Skullmet - Kapus [DONE]
Ghost Man - Jaxof7 [DONE]
Ghost of Wily - Gumballtoid [DONE]
Splash Witch - ice [DONE]
Halloween Man - CHAOS_FANTAZY [DONE]
FrankenStoneman - Copy Robot [DONE]
Tiny Wily Machine 7 - Kapus [DONE]
Alucard Bass - bass44 [DONE]
Pumpkin Bomb Man - Fyone [DONE]
Zombie Joe - Michael712 [DONE]
Reaper Skullman - Yellow Devil [DONE]
Protoman Ghost - Super Bondman [DONE]
Igor Cossack - TheBladeRoden [DONE]
Van Pookin - Dood [IN PROGRESS]

Dark Citadel - Beed28 [DONE]
Let's Make a Swamp - Rozark [DONE]
Herpity Derpity - Messatsu [DONE]
Harvest - Cold Noodles [DONE]
Derpity Herpity - Copy Robot [DONE]
Ghost House - Smash Bros Plus B [IN PROGRESS]
Something Else - Blaze/Galaxy [DELAYED]
Pumpkin Hill - LabadaHorde [DELAYED]

Being Awesome:
Awesomeness - Lego [DONE]
Awesomesauce - Ukiyama [DONE]
Happy Halloween, and good luck!

oh boy!!! i cant wait!!! for the expansion btw i know nothing of maping and coding
lets invite slenderman!

I could probably skin Skullmet. You know, that one MM4 enemy I kept saying I wouldn't skin.

Or maybe I could skin Gilliam Knight from MM7. He was pretty cool. Maybe those min-Wily Machine walkers, too.

Heck, I'll give them all a shot and see what happens.

Needs more Franken-Stoneman. :lol:

Mentioned it to Korby previously, but I'll be bringing out the Doom Builder for this expansion.

I'll reveal my plans tomorrow.


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