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[MINI EXPANSION] Mega Man 8-bit Halloween! - RELEASED

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Magnet Dood:
>Franken Stoneman

My body is ready.

I will also try VAN Pookin because you know he was never finished last year


--- Quote from: "Korby" ---...a scary transformation of your favorite robot master...
--- End quote ---
That gives me an idea...
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I think I could make a map. I could do this one:
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EDIT: It's nice to see my graveyard map getting some recognition. :) Also, someone should totally do a Count Dracuwily skin.

i will apport with Pharaoh Man as:

-Normal Werewolf
-Normal Mummy
-Jon Talbain
-...or Anakaris

Crash Man as a Zombie or Lord Raptor...

Wood Man as Victor or as a Normal Jiang-Shi...

...and Tomahawk Man as... i don't know... whatever he could be...

Does there yet exist a skin of Roll as a witch?

edit: nevermind!


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