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[MINI EXPANSION] Holiday Deathmatch 2012 (Get it now!)

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It's that time of year again!

Continuing off the hype of Halloween and trying to improve on the failure of last year's Christmas, we're happy to present to you Holiday Deathmatch 2012!

Special thanks for Messatsu for bug-fixing and overall being a rather nice person to work with!

Holiday Pack Maps and Weapons:

Holiday Pack Skins:

Wadseeker Friendly link from Best-Ever courtesy of Mendez!

So what can you find in this pack?

(click to show/hide)Skins:
Ignorance from Mega Man's Christmas Carol 2 - CHAOS_FANTAZY
Holiday Pharaoh Man - Hinatediz
Frosty the Blizzardman - Korby
Festive Snake Man - bass44
Reindeer Crash Man - Watzup7856
Holiday Spark Man - FTX
Upside-Down Tree Volt Man - fortegigasgospel

Deck Your Halls - Kenkoru and Nemu Kurotsuchi for layout, LlamaHombre for retexturing it.
North Hole - Knux

Christmas Carol Weapons - Lego and Messatsu

All Kinds of Textures - NemZ
Have some Happy Holidays and a Fantastic New Year!

Now here's something I'd like to partake in. It sucks that final exams start next week. Still, if I come up with a good layout for an ice map, I'll sign up.

Sign me up for Elf Joe skin.

I had the idea of 3 different variations with each Elf Joe using different stuff, but if you don't want me to do that then that's okay.

Not Innocence, Llama, but Ignorance.  The boy is Ignorance, the girl is Want...did you ever even read A Christmas Carol?

I did do my bit already, but for the record, I did get permission for the entire team to use material from the Mega Man:  A Christmas Carol games in our expansion pack.  So if anyone wants to go try making another skin or perhaps a weapon, knock yourself out.

Hey, I enjoyed the Halloween expansion, so why not this?

Put me down for a "Candy Cane Enker" skin, if you would.


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