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Damage display update! As I've been receiving requests lately
Overall, this update improves visuals, and make damage display more convenient to use  :mrgreen:

Check out the first post for a general presentation of the mod as of v2c/and download link

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> Players can choose their own preferences instead of the server host : check out "damage display preferences" at the bottom of MM8BDM's options menu

> Pop-up values can go over 100, and their display is more readable for rapid, multi-hitting attacks (rippers, gravity hold, spread drill...)

> Values can be shown as flat or percentage. Flat is the unaltered value, while percentage is the health value relative to maximum health (a number between 0 and 100 ; and it is the way previous damage display versions showed values)

> General visual improvements for every data display c:

> Players can't see their own pop-ups or health (which used to sometimes obstruct their view)
> Damage count/score doesn't reset between rounds in LMS/TLMS
> Window to get a hit in before the combo counter resets lowered from ~1.5 to 1 second
> Current/maximum health on screen removed, because it already exists in MM8BDM (Options ==> "display health number")
> Damage per second is removed because it's not that helpful

> Removed the unnecessary healing particles on HP recover

> Fixed a glitch with bots' health display

Waoh... Yo That's Really Good.

Hey, a lot of people (myself included) like this mod but it apparently interferes with Gondola/CCBM's painstates and some of the class mechanics based on those (I think NightFly said that the actor/owner changes or something).  The v2b version does not have this issue, but it's older and less fully-featured, plus it breaks other stuff (though less stuff, so we're using it on the pub server right now).  Not sure how you'd fix this or how hard it would be so this is more informational than a request :)  But if you want to take it as a request, I won't complain.

Aside from the conflicts with other mods, this does pretty much everything I'd want a damage display mod to do and more.  Good job on it!

Zandronum 3.1 introduces the Actor Takes Damage EVENT script type so it might be better to use something like that for the future as that'll have far less potential of stuff breaking and it has far less reliance on preserving target/victim relationships.

It's that time of the year again, have a little late gift : Xover Weapons got a new update!
It includes new weapons, a rework of the screw economy, and it now works with PvM game modes like Invasion or Survival.
See the full details here


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