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Exactly what it says on the tin.  I don't want to accidentally tick someone off by hosting the server and then taking it down because a bunch of bots have joined and I can't do much to remove the bots.  That would make them feel like I was pulling a mean trick on people who were trying to join.  Any tips on how to fix this?

In MM8BDM, though you may already know this, You play as a robot named Maestro.  However, It's never revealed as to who made him/her/them (i'm gonna call em a him for this theory).  However, I think I may already have the answer, though you may just get spoiled on a big twist, so I'm gonna put a spoiler here.

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So that's my theory regarding Maestro.  However, there may be holes in it  or things I missed, so feel free to point them out!

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