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New Mega Man hack of Arkanoid (a game in the vein of Breakout)


My new hack changes every single level (excluding the occasional boss fight) in Arkanoid - Doh It Again to a level featuring a character from the classic Mega Man series. Almost every single classic Mega Man game is represented in some way (excluding 11 and some very obscure titles), with main characters, prominent villains, famous enemies and bosses, and loads of robot masters for you to destroy block by block! Play through every level to get a few surprises at the end in the form of cameo appearances by other popular Mega Man characters.

You can download it here:

The README file included on the download page on has all of the levels and their represented character listed at the bottom, so be sure to check that out to find the location of your favorite robot warrior!

I just finished fixing some game breaking bugs on levels 75, 84, 96, and 98 with the help of the creator of the program used to edit the levels. All of those levels have completely functional powerups (where they were glitched out and level-restarting before), including new powerups added to level 75 where there weren't any before.


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