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Forum Games / MM8BDM: Time Plus One
« on: October 24, 2018, 11:56:03 PM »
There are a lot of stupid ideas but I offer one that's a little stupider.

Open up MM8BDM, run around a map for a little while. Or maybe a lot of while.
Keep your finger glued to that Tab key to bring up the leaderboards.

You're looking to upload a screenshot of you having exactly 1 more "Time" than the user above you.

For example, I'll be posting a screenshot on MM2MET with Time 0.
The user below me will post a screenshot on some random map with Time 1.
Then the user below him will post a screenshot on some random map with Time 2.
We'll keep going until it becomes physically impossible to quantify how much time you spent running around on MM4TOA.

Map doesn't matter, how old the screenshot is doesn't matter, what you're doing doesn't matter. Online, offline, classes, vanilla, custom map, core map, Saxton Hale Roboenza, all equal here.

Try to include a screenshot with specifically your time as the focus, but I'm not gonna rip your head off for including someone else's Time.

Let's regret this.

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Events / MaGMML2 (Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 2!)
« on: October 02, 2016, 06:40:42 PM »
Hey Mega Man fans! Who's ready to prove they're better at game design than I am?

Official Thread on Sprites Inc

I'm the messenger here but I'll try to summarize this as best I can.

Once upon a time the first Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest came out and brought a unique flavor to the fan game scene. Over thirty unique levels to explore with a strong set of robot master weapons, and a bunch of nods and clever ideas that both paid homage to the classic series and aimed to expand on it in a few ways. The coolest part about the original MaGMMLC was how much there was for the outsider to do - the player was given enough through a shop, hub world, and nonlinear progression to help make the player feel invested in the competition.

That said, it wasn't perfect. The weapon selection wasn't particularly well rounded, and the engine itself had a number of bugs.

However, the sequel aims to fix on these issues with the introduction of the new Mega Engine! Written by the user WreckingPrograms for easy use in Game Maker 8.1 and Game Maker Studio, the new engine will iron out the performance issues and provide a more authentic experience than the engine MaGMMLC1 ran on.
In addition, weapon selection ran on numerous polls to ensure the player's arsenal would be more well rounded throughout the levels.

They are as follows:
Hornet Chaser
Jewel Satellite
Grab Buster
Triple Blade
Flash Stopper
Slash Claw
Wheel Cutter
Rush Coil, Rush Jet, Super Arrow, Wire Adaptor

So in order to jump in, I'd recommend keeping an eye on the Official Discord for news on how the project is coming along and to get help with designing your level.

I'll make another post again when the devkit has been released, because by then all contestants will have exactly one month to make a level!
From that point I assume you just send everything to SnoruntPyro but I'll keep you all informed.

So get to brainstorming, and let's help make the largest fangame in Mega Man history something to remember!

Maps / [Map Pack] Alpacka
« on: October 01, 2016, 02:15:23 AM »
This topic and project are now obsolete and should be disregarded.  To find the most recent version of this project, go check out the REAL Pack!
Old post below:
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Closed / [Suggestion] Respawn Timer on Skull Barrier removed
« on: August 01, 2016, 11:14:45 PM »
With the latest change, Skull Barrier has dropped in overall utility and is mostly reserved for strong blows and terrain crossing.

Before, full invincibility from all sources was reasonably given a respawn timer such that everyone on the map wasn't bullet sponges for the remainder of the match. However, when most weapons can reasonably handle Skull Barrier now, it would make sense to remove the respawn timer to make it consistent with every other shield weapon in the game. In addition, this would also help handle potential snowballing in small populations or duel.

MM8BDM Discussion / MM8BDM v5 - Weapon Tuning (Leaf Shield)
« on: April 13, 2016, 02:17:22 AM »
Hello everyone, sorry it took so long to get this up.

By now most of you should be familiar with this thread. We on the team have gotten some great advice from this thread over v5's development and as we approach our final screenings there exists a need to turn our primary focus to weapon balance and retooling. So as a result, we'll be turning to the community once again for their thoughts on how we could make some of the more overwhelming or underwhelming weapons fit in alongside the rest of the game.

Note that the format and rules for this thread are pretty much those of the aforementioned v5 maps thread, meaning that analysis and suggestion are going to give your opinion more weight than vague observation. Something I'd like to try for this thread however is an attempt to globalize discussion towards a given topic for periods of time, and try to cycle through a list of weapons suggested by the community. For example, our first subject will be Atomic Fire. Until we've heard enough to draw a conclusion for action or a consensus in a different direction, discussion should mainly be directed towards the fate of Atomic Fire for v5. That said, I'd like to request that following posts you list any weapons that you would like for discussion to turn to next. If a weapon has a cause, then it'll be next in queue and so on. Hopefully this will give us the productivity we got from the v5 maps thread while also providing some closure to complaints that the thread was too open-ended. If this works, chances are it'll become the staple for things in the future. We'll see.

But for now, let's focus on Atomic Fire. We're looking forward to some discussion, and we'll hopefully be ready to chime in here and there as decisions are made.

Table of Contents:
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Closed / [Suggestion] Visual for Ice Block Generators in MMBCOL
« on: October 16, 2015, 05:11:12 PM »

As demonstrated in this video, the generators in Cold Man's stage take in particles from the top and jerk around a bit when charging.
Under the assumption that the layout remains the same between v4c and v5a, this alone should work wonders for clarity in MM8BDM stage, where the audio cue doesn't mean too much when two generators are situated right next to each other.

General Gaming Discussion / Super Mario Maker
« on: September 13, 2015, 06:22:42 PM »

This game came out earlier this week, and I've been having a blast with it.
For the sake of having an easy archive for users and stages, though, I figured a central thread around the game would be nice.
So pretty much, post about any levels you've made (include codes too), post about things you've encountered in 100-Mario Challenges, give critique for posted levels, talk about things you like/hate about levels, etc. etc. Show some support for other users!

I'll keep a updated list below with easy links to people's level galleries, so just keep a post with your levels handy and I'll make sure you're added to the list.

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That said:

LlamaHombre's Stages:
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Projects & Creative / [MINI EXPANSION] Holiday Deathmatch 2013 (Week 1)
« on: November 09, 2013, 09:45:38 PM »

Merry Christmas!
And the skins! (Replace your old holidayskins.pk3 !)

Generally rules and policies remain the same from last year. I'll accept anything that promotes Holiday spirit or the cozy feeling of winter mornings, whether it be skins, maps, weapons, etc.
I do however want to change one major thing about how the pack is run this year.

Both the Halloween and Holiday packs are prone to a one-day "surge syndrome" where they overpower the server lists. This however lasts one day, and it kinda makes all the effort put into such a work not feel worth it. It's for this reason alone that I'd like to instantiate a bi-weekly release schedule for the pack starting Wednesday, December 11, 2013. At that point, any completed works we have amassed will be released, but our doors will be open for new submissions until I choose to tie the pack up with some good old gift wrap on Friday, February 1, 2014. I haven't asked for permission to give out medals yet, but if I were to give out medals, it would be on this date.

So needless to say, let's put some wreaths around and spread some holiday cheer!

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Resources / Llama's Own Resources and Wishes
« on: January 21, 2013, 07:57:41 PM »

I used to sprite all the time back in the day, and while I don't necessary do that anymore, I notice a lot of people doing so and I thought perhaps some kind enough soul could finish something I could never do.

Gravity Beetle is among my favorite Mavericks to come out of the X series, and I think that he deserves a skin of his own. Hence why I started. Then some shocking realizations hit me, including the fact that getting this thing to move would be a downright pain in the ass. I've always wanted to finish this skin, but I physically couldn't. Should someone decide to take this broken dream and make a masterpiece of it, I promise I'd support it to the end.

I do have some other things, but none of them are as important in my eyes as this. If you want to make something out of anything on this post, go ahead. That's why it's in the Resources section, after all.

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I likely will update this thread someday with covers I don't need that someone can have but for now this is all.

2012 was the year of the doomsday, where we all died of a horrible, brutal Mayan purge that took place 10 days ago. It was a year people made fun of, a year where the world seemed to be grinding to a halt even if there was no physical chance that it would. 2013 seems like a year of wonder. A year that shouldn't exist, to say the least. We've seen the releases of the MM8 and RnC expansions this year, and we've had some opportunities to really bring the community together. Next year, I hope we'll all take steps together to really strengthen our bonds and truly get to know the superpower of this community. Before we do, let's take some self-reflections and make our vows together.

To me, 2012 was a horrible year. I did some really stupid shit in the beginning of the year, and it still haunts me. Life went too fast for me, and I never got to enjoy the good things I wanted to last for centuries. I'm sure others lost a lot of respect in me, and I felt I couldn't trust myself. I decided to make changes, and it eventually evolved me into the person I am. This was the year I was promoted to a Global Moderator status, and whether or not you approve of me, I don't think I could ask for a better community to watch over.

I hope to grow bonds with the set of community I never really involved myself in meeting, as well as get a good footing on my academic career this year. Who knows? Perhaps I might even get a chance to contribute to the MM9 expansion whenever that starts up.

Enough about me, though. What about you? What do you wish to see in yourself this upcoming year? What did you think of 2012? Are you optimistic about the future? I'd appreciate hearing what you all have to say!

For the record, this is what inspired me to make this thread in this particular format

It's that time of year again!

Continuing off the hype of Halloween and trying to improve on the failure of last year's Christmas, we're happy to present to you Holiday Deathmatch 2012!

Special thanks for Messatsu for bug-fixing and overall being a rather nice person to work with!

Holiday Pack Maps and Weapons:

Holiday Pack Skins:

Wadseeker Friendly link from Best-Ever courtesy of Mendez!

So what can you find in this pack?

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Have some Happy Holidays and a Fantastic New Year!

Anything Goes / Llama's Nuzlockes ([FAILED] Black, Livestream Sienna)
« on: June 25, 2012, 11:04:33 PM »
So what's up

Welcome to the second half of my Pokemon Silver Nuzlocke, and the only part of it I have actually documented.

My Silver Nuzlocke Rules:

1. If a Pokemon faints, it's permanently boxed.
2. Only catch the first Pokemon on each route.
2a. If the Pokemon is of the same species or evolutionary line as one of my previous 'mons, I cannot catch it until that previous 'mon dies.
2b. Shinies will be caught regardless of age, number in route, or dupes.
2c. Kill Lugia before advancing to Kanto, Kill Ho-oh before fighting Red.
3. Name all Pokemon after Cutstuff users
4. Grind like Hell

My Black Nuzlocke Rules:

1. If a Pokemon faints, it's permanently boxed.
2. Only catch the first Pokemon on each route.
2a. If I have a team of six, no backups.
2c. Reshiram is of story significance and must be caught.
3. Battle mode is on SET, which prevents me from switching between enemy fainting.
4. Grind like Hell
5. Naming theme is whatever the hell I want this time
6. No purchasing or selling items.
6a. Elite 4 is an exception because really

My Livestream Sienna Nuzlocke Rules:

1. If a Pokemon faints, it is consider dead and is permanently boxed.
1a. If by some retarded reason my team is swept by a scripted battle I couldn't have seen coming, they'll live for another day.
2. Only catch the first Pokemon on each route.
2a. Notepad Clause: If I have a team of six, no backups allowed.
3. Battle mode is on SET, which prevents me from switching between enemy fainting.
4. Grind like Hell
4a. Don't listen to Freeman
5. Naming theme is after Cutstuff members again

So let's begin:
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Please comment so I know what I'm doing right or wrong or advice or damn

General Gaming Discussion / Cave Story Thread
« on: February 19, 2012, 07:31:20 PM »
Cave Story was released in 2004 as a PC indie game, and has rapidly evolved into many pieces of art by Nikalis, even if he himself is pretty bad at what he does.

Don't have it?

It's free.

Can't speak Japanese?

The translations are free, too.

If you like it enough, support Pixel and buy Cave Story + on Steam for a measly $10. You'll get plenty of bonus features.
There's no real excuse for not having played this game other than "I didn't know about it".
That, and I've already shoved it down a lot of your throats both intentionally and unintentionally.
It really is such a fantastic game.
That's why I made this thread.
Discuss your experiences and opinions of Pixel's masterpiece here.

Anything Goes / Llamas with Famitracker (MMZX)
« on: February 01, 2012, 03:55:37 AM »
Ok I'm kinda tired of the whole "mapchella covers" thing - If I promised you one just let me know and I'll try to capitalize but it's been two years now and keeping track of this crap is starting to get annoying

Following in the footsteps of Musashi-AA and Epic Kirby, I decided to keep my Famitracker covers in one thread that way I can put my projects in various lists. I could do this in YouTube as well, but I like having it here so that the community knows I make this stuff for them.

Just a quick request, though, if you do want to use any of this.

Do not attempt to retrieve the music from the video yourself. A simple PM on either here or YouTube saying that you wish to use it will be enough information I need. I will then loop the song for you in the highest quality possible.

But without further ado, my current products.

Etrian Odyssey 3:

The End of the Raging Waves

(click to show/hide)

Cave Story:

Eyes of Flame (Boss 2)

(click to show/hide)

Scorching Back

(click to show/hide)

Mega Man ZX:

Area F: "Wonder Panorama"

(click to show/hide)

Area G: "Ogre Claw"
(click to show/hide)

Area O: "Black Burn"

(click to show/hide)

Omega Zero - Cannonball ~ Hard Revenge

(click to show/hide)

Sonic Adventure:

Emerald Coast 1: Azure Blue World

(click to show/hide)

Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow The Hedgehog:

Radical Highway / Multiplayer:

(click to show/hide)

White Jungle

(click to show/hide)

Biolizard Boss Fight - Supporting Me:

(click to show/hide)

Egg Dealer:

(click to show/hide)

G.U.N. Boss:

(click to show/hide)

For True Story

(click to show/hide)

Masters of the Desert

(click to show/hide)

Generic Mega Man Stuff:


(click to show/hide)

Sonic 4:

Episode 2: Final Zone (Act 1)

(click to show/hide)

Chrono Trigger:

Last Battle:

(click to show/hide)

Sonic Advance 2:

Hot Crater Act 1:

(click to show/hide)

Metroid II: Return of Samus


(click to show/hide)

Gradius II

Final Battle:

(click to show/hide)

Sonic CD

Quartz Quadrant Present [JP]:

(click to show/hide)

If you have any criticism, I'm all ears. I want to improve as much as I physically can.

Anything Goes / Manmade Delicacies
« on: January 24, 2012, 12:30:11 AM »

It's the best thing ever created and you know it.

Sweets, breakfast, dairy, whatever.

This is the place to discuss the types of food you're always craving and food that could very well not exist in your mind.

No two opinions will be the same!

I'll begin with my opinion:

Spanish/Hispanic/Whatever Food is the best thing ever.

I love fajitas and quesadillas more than any sort of food to ever exist.

Fajitas with beef are so unbelievably good.

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