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Super April Fools 2016 Fighter Turbo HD Remix

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It's that time again! Twitch emotes being introduced to message board sites, Minecraft updates going a more "love" and friendly approach and abandoning combat and danger entirely, Blizzard posting hilarious fake patch notes, and Doom deathmatch maps turning out to be Jelly World in disguise. What's going on? Why, it must be April Fools Day once again!

So what interesting things has this year's April Fools Day brought us?

Orange juice :l:
Jagex was recently (probably) acquired by a Chinese mining company (for reasons, I guess). Needless to say the wiki ran with it.


Laggy Blazko:

Hunter Frags:
I posted this in the Off-Topic Discussion first and forgot this thread existed.
--- Quote from: "ChaosUnlimited" ---One of gaming's worst nightmares have been realized.
(click to show/hide)FNAF 57 IN SPACE CONFIRMED.
--- End quote ---


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