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Welcome to this little corner of the projects forum we like to call TheMod. On the surface this might seem like another stupid userclass mod but that isn't the case. Think of it as a playground for us (that is to say, the people working on this thing) to flex our creative muscles, learn code, practice other general design stuff and most of all have fun making something for people to enjoy.

Before you ask, Yes there was a thread for TheMod but Zomo wasn't all into keeping up with a thread so we had to make a new one from scratch.

V3 BOIS well kinda its a public beta

Changelog Here:
Dowload Here:
TSPG Download Mirrior:

We're still gunna be workin' on this, don'tcha worry!

Oops i forgot to say lily was added in the changelog lul

oh yeah this mod has cursing so if you don't like it whatever.

I feel as the first reveal of the new thread, I will start with something a little minor but subtle for you folk.
We have added in a new title banner for when you are in the menu.

This personally is a lot more characteristic than the old one where while you had some classes/assists interacting with each other, it didn't really show off much in my opinion. Plus the old text for it was a little too simple so with the help of Acid Trip I spiced everything up again and instead of what V1-V2 had for the banner, this time you get a vague look at all the classes and some assists that are in this mod!
But, I suppose you already notice that there are some new faces that you aren't quite familiar with (or maybe you do know?), you'll see them in due time. Oh yea, and the question marks, let's just say they're a secret and I'll only leave the folks who made the respective classes show them off when they want (this includes myself). As for me, I will be showing off a couple new classes I've made soon (though don't quote me on that).

Hope you enjoy this first teaser!


One topic people bring up time and time again is the fear of clutter and 4+ bar snydrone; I myself am guilty of this kind of coding but it's what makes me feel at ease. That being said, one ongoing class project I've taken up recently is the Red Mage you may have noticed since way back in version 1. Well... discussions happened, and what was once an average performing class suddenly became quite the versatile tool:

(click to show/hide)
Yeah, you saw this right. It is a kind of innate ability I'd like to call Spell Fusion. It takes whatever two spells you currently have rolled (excluding Diara), and combines their effects so to speak. Generally you will get a more powerful spell or something completely new and interesting altogether. I will say it is definitely not canon but I see it as a good twist on the typical dualcasting ability Red Mages feature in their respective game. The example being shown is Falchion, which requires some kind of wind-based spell and a sword buffing spell. This in general, as with any sword-based spell fusion, gives a temporary spellblade kind of powerup to give your physical attacks a good deal more force. The rainbow-colored bar represents your fusion ammo (activated by a custom button currently, this is still experimental), and rerolling (the red bar) spells uses a second button. While this does take inventory clutter out of the picture, it does add more button management so if that seems like a turnoff, please realize it's being looked into.

Surprise! Public beta of the latest version!
Changelog Here:
Dowload Here:
TSPG Download Mirrior:

Game Button count:
(WeaponSwitch = 2
2WeaponSwitch = 1)

TF2: WeaponSwitch, Mainfire, Altfire, Relaod (5)
Overwatch: 2WeaponSwitch, Mainfire, Altfire, Reload, 2 User Buttons, 1 Ult Button (7)
TheMod: WeaponSwitch, Mainfire, Altfire, Invnext/InvPrev, Invuse, 4 User Buttons, (RapidFireBind) (11)
CBM: WeaponSwitch, Mainfire, Altfire, Invnext/InvPrev, Invuse, (RapidFireBind/JumpAttacks/GroundAttacks) (7)

TheMod classes that use extra user buttons:
sergeant john (user4 is reload)
metal maiden


All of these use 1 weapon except Metal Maiden.

So the sheer amount of buttons TheMod has is pretty atrocious.
2 User Buttons would be cool.
3 User Buttons would be tolerable.
4 User Buttons is bad.

You either need to trim some of the fat from those classes, or use WeaponSwitch/Inventory.


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