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A Class Base

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A bare, open class base without a mod's bells and whistles.


add after classbase
other simple common features to class mods
1. the seperation of copyweps from non-copyweps
2. health pickups/weapons compatible with different max healths (either percent-style or absolute-style)


Not much changed for this between v5c and v5d, but here this is.

old file
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v5d -> v5d-2
(slight reorganization)
bugfix: no more going invis when hit by reggae trick. (botsight and beatassist possible oddities fixed?)
bugfix: classes share a "megaman" species. proper tengu blade thruspecies behavior.

proto_man 3000:
Yay I finally get to make my own classes... Probably going to be extremely op


update to v6
including the critical pains and death


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