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Much appreciated, LlamaHombre!

Dr. Freeman, I have a music pack with OGGs (it was linked earlier in the thread), having that be properly looped would be great if it isn't already. I remember looking at a couple and seeing there were no loop points set.

Welp, I may as well blow off the cobwebs and make this update post.

So it's been... four? Five months? Aaaaaand I have nothing to show for it. Seriously. Not a good sign for a project but I promise there's good reason! Though there isn't anything I can really *show*, there have been some advancements made towards the eventual completion of the project!

Starting off, over at Discord, we actually managed to hit upon some good ideas for how the story of this expansion will go. We've even figured out what bosses will be part of the campaign and how they'll appear. Overall small stuff for the grand scheme of things, but at least we're focused on these sorts of details. In addition, we managed to get permission to use Jax's weapons, as well as skins for us to use as well! Bot chat messages still need to be made and the bots themselves need to be made as well, but again, this is small stuff we could easily take care of.

I've made a couple of map layouts to play around with, as well as an idea for a map which, again, shouldn't take too long to make, barring the time to texture and detail.

So... why so little progress? Because ya boi has to tackle high school, that's why. I've had to focus on school, and with that plus a whole ton of other things I've got going on, I've sort of pushed this to the back-burner a little bit. It's still been on the back of my mind, make no mistakes about that, but I haven't been able to really do anything.

I have updated the opening post a bit to more accurately reflect the state of the project. Since all we need are maps, I am asking for maybe any potential mappers to come on board? I know these calls usually get tossed aside to the wind, yet I don't see any harm in asking. Thanks for checking this out, and hopefully by the time the new year comes, I'll finally have something fun to share with you all!

Yeah, maps are the main issue. I've seen some peeps on the Discords makin'em some maps lately. Wonder if they'd be interested on doing some maps for us...

...why am I saying this on the forums?


Uh, hi! It's been a looooong time since I've touched anything Mega Man related, aha. I want to give some updates after so long, and explain my inactivity on the project and in general.

For those who don't have time, the tldr is that the world sucks and I needed time before I started working on anything major again.

For those who DO have time, this is for you! I had a whole thing typed up already but turns out clicking and dragging attachments DOESN'T actually attach them to the image and it just erases all your words, so that's nice! Anyway, to rephrase what I said, basically the coronavirus had taken a pretty big toll on me and my academics when the schools had to shut down indefinitely. Things were starting to look up for me in the beginning months of 2020 and when the pandemic hit, I wasn't really prepared and couldn't handle the sudden change well. Then again, I don't think anybody could.

Around March 17, I had announced that I was going to put the project on an indefinite hiatus until I got other things crossed off my list. That was three months ago. Working on other projects and tying some loose ends up have made me feel a bit better about the situation as a whole, to the point where I feel like I can get a stable workflow on this project finally. This project has definitely been through a rough patch, as has everything else I've been working on, but now would be the best time to get some decent progress made!

In terms of progress, I actually have been working on Tank Man's map, an old military base that has been retrofitted and repurposed for Tank Man's operations. You can see a picture of that at the bottom of this post. We've also have a bit of spritework done behind the scenes for plot-related things, but nothing I feel I can show off just yet. Maps are still an issue, but we'll slowly be working our way towards solving that issue. If anything that may just mean I make most of the maps.

So yeah, project's not dead, I'm still alive and well, everyone's good. Just slowly bringing myself back to work on this kind of stuff. Stay tuned guys! Hopefully we can get an update in a shorter timespan than the last couple of ones!

Link to help those with bandwith issues and totally because I don't know how to attach images to posts:

Well at least I only got the weapons from a similar expansion for Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch.

I meant Mega Man Unlimited here.


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