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Megaman Unlimited: 8-Bit Deathmatch! (Fanmade MMU Expansion WIP)

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Lighter Dude:
I love this idea! I would work on it but schoolwork is a bit more important. I wish you luck.

Thank you! I am aware how many difficulties that'll come with this sort of project. So, let me just clarify a bit - maps, sprites, weapons, and textures are the main things that are needed for such an expansion? I'd really like to see how far I could take this sort of thing-

Yes, that's typically what MM8BDM expansions have: maps (with textures), skins, and weapons representative of each RM from the game and the Wily Stages. Usually, there's also some form of campaign similar to the core campaign, where you do DMs through each of the stages with a non-player boss capping it all off, but that's more icing on the cake than anything; the DM content is the main focus.

If you're motivated, I'll bite and see what I can chip in with.

To try and make a megapost with all the resources I'm aware of that that might be useful:
(click to show/hide)Linnie's uploaded some enemy sprites here for map props:
Geno's uploaded the robot master sprites here:
Shinryu uploaded all assets necessary for Whirlpool Man here:
Jax made some weapons, which I think you were using for your test:
Geno made Comet Woman's skin:
Linnie made Yoyo Man and Jet Man's skins:
FTX made Prototype Zero, Whirlpool Man, and Tank Man's skins:
Giantmega made a music pack here:
Raze made Trinitro Man's skin here:
Laggy Blazko made Rainbow Man's skin here:

I could swear there were tilesets uploaded somewhere too (Jack Corvus?) but I couldn't find them at a quick glance.
I also haven't tested these links at all so I hope they work but if they don't, oops lol

I started a Tank Man map about a year ago but didn't make much of any progress at all with it - this summer I'll pick it back up and see what I can do with it.

Wow, all that might be pretty useful. Not sure if Whirlpool Man would indeed be in the roster, maybe as a secret map or something. I have the skins from the Mega Man Unlimited classes mod (which I was using for the proof-of-concept). I can extract the tiles and turn them into textures (the animated ones are the only ones that may be a bit different than just loading the PNG up into gimp). Also not sure if ZPrototype would be put into the "campaign" either. If this really 100% were to happen, I'd like to make it as close to the base campaigns as possible. Maybe this could actually happen if there's enough interest? It'd be pretty cool.

Also yes, those weapons you linked are indeed the ones I'm using for the test.

If there IS interest, I could format the OP to actually reflect a project in progress. However, I'm holding off on that until I'm certain that this may become an actual thing, instead of just being abandoned and joining the list of dead projects.


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