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How's this project doing thus far? I'm hoping it's doing alright, since it's been a while of silence and I myself am very curious to see what you guys have been cooking up.

Magnet Dood:
Gee. Two years already, huh?

Welcome to the latest update for Cossack Crusaders! Thank you for keeping up your excitement for this long; it still makes me happy to hear that so many people are excited to play this mod. We're still doing our best to deliver a great experience for you!

Onto the update!

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Oh, HERE's Yamato Man's photos... Wish we had those 6 months ago...

Yamato Man's impregnable fortress awaits Cossack's creations in the heart of Japan! This sprawling castle features the finest in traditional architecture, but don't let its old-fashioned appearance fool you- it's filled to the brim with Wily's hi-tech robotic soldiers.

Did ancient Japan have this many robots? Seems a little historically inaccurate...

The sections double over each other quite a bit! Be sure to keep looking ahead so you know where you're going. The path is straightforward...

I think I found the guards.

...but it's long.

From floor to ceiling, Wily's got the best baddies around.

Yamato Man is equipped with some tough lackeys under his command.

Haven't you ever heard of personal space?!

Samurais are known for their unresting devotion to their masters. So if you want to take down Yamato Man...

The final approach!'d better prepared to fight from sunup 'til sundown!

Bright Man's starting to regret his decisions.

Finish off Yamato Man in a duel to destruction. He'll be ancient history once you're done with him!
I hope this is sufficient to tide you over until we're ready to release! The plan is still to get something out this summer; three stages, three bosses, twenty-four weapons, and some fun secrets for you and your friends to find is the end goal at the moment!

What still needs to get done to get to that point? We haven't made much headway on the weapons, admittedly. And the enemy layout on Yamato is still very much in its early stages. Boss supers, map pickups, weapon delivery fixes, enemy tweaking, the weapon display room, the secret Tundra Man fight... there's a lot of odds and ends that still need to be finished.

Rest assured that we're still working hard to get through it all. We appreciate your support as always and can't wait for you to play.

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We're doing all right in the encouragement department, but more is always appreciated!
Until next time!

- Cossack Labs

Wow, I really like the aesthetic of the map. The stairs, the "palace-y" layout of the courtyard, the fountain/ponds, the fog effect off the sides, the sun setting as you approach the final fight, it's all great. Sections crossing over on each other also sounds like it would add to the feeling of getting lost in a large castle, which sounds great. Kudos to the map designer(s); can't wait to try it out and see all the odds and ends for ourselves. That said, take your time, guys; Rome wasn't built in a day. And you have 8 classes (that needed to be adapted to PvE, too), so I'm not surprised to hear the weapons are taking time.

Thanks again for your efforts. I know this is a labor of love, but a lot of us are just here to watch and appreciate, so.....I appreciate it. "Go get them, champ."

Ganbatte, devs! This is looking amazing so far!


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