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Ah, so that was your secret project! Nicely done!
I'll definitely have to fix my 8-bit deathmatch so I can play this!

Good job!

Magnet Dood:
Greetings again, and welcome to another Cossack Labs update.

We've signed two new members onto our development team. FTX and Ehibika will be great helps in making this mod the best it can be!

Now then, the first post was a little vague about what's actually going on in here. I can use this post to show things in a little bit more detail... starting with the stage I mentioned!

(click to show/hide)

Wood Man has you spelunking caverns, climbing tree tops, and navigating rivers in his sprawling forest complex. Those who were a fan of Needle Man's and Toad Man's splitting paths design will enjoy this one, although the paths tend to go on a little longer and are a bit more distinct. A few familiar faces from Mega Man 2 crop up in his stage-- it seems Bubble Man might've loaned him some aquatic critters.

Once you defeat Wood Man in battle, you can access his Special Weapon...s! Dr. Cossack is a skilled weaponsmith, and he's created Special Weapons for all* of his Robot Masters to use in the fight against Wily.

(*Bright Man insisted on doing his own weapons, much to Cossack's dismay.)

I wonder what this one does?

Each weapon contains an essence of the Robot Master's general theme or power, but they're all given a unique twist that corresponds to their class. Dive Man, for example, receives many militaristic weapons, befitting of his stint with the Russian Navy!
Development continues to trudge forward slowly, but steadily. As always, we'll let you know if any new updates come up!

Until next time!
- Cossack Labs

Shadow Kuwanger:
This is Amazing....But I kinda wonder.....What if someone kinda made a Mod that fuses MMWSP, MM4SP, And MMXSP together would it be like MegaMan: Wily Wars (Basically 3 Games in one) or would Each Storyline take place after each other....

Hey! Nice Use My Sprites! :mrgreen:


--- Quote from: hansungkee on June 14, 2019, 08:53:50 AM ---Hey! Nice Use My Sprites! :mrgreen:

--- End quote ---

Hey since you're offering it, what can we even use from you and i dont mean sprites or skins improvements based on already existing mm8bdm core content just to be sure.


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