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MM8BDM - Cosmetic Modernized Sound Effect replacement


I had this idea for a long time but only now am I getting to it after the release of MM11.

Main inspiration from the fact a lot of mods for this game use sounds that aren't even 8-bit (you know who you are) and wanting to create my envisionment of what my ideal sound direction for Mega Man would be in general. Samples come from Mega Man 8, Mega Man 7, The sounds used in the main PK3/The usual 8-bit samples, Powered Up, Smash Bros and the recently released Mega Man 10. All mixed into singular clips. Obviously I wanted to go for a similar direction Smash Bros has used for several characters besides Mega Man: IE Mario, Sonic and Pac-Man by mixing in chiptune sounds with more modern sounding ones.


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