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Because a class picks up weapons and it is converted to their own weapons.
You probably seen this before. CBM Rock. CBM Evilrobot giga attacks. Archivemen. The MM Single Player mods.
...Gizmo the Cat?

Well let's make a whole mod about it. As you will see in "class ideas," there's actually a lot of other potential for the concept.

But let's explain features first.

Copywep & Loadoutwep
Copyweps work exactly as you would expect, you pick up and use megaman weapons.
Loadoutwep is more interesting, you pick up a megaman weapon, and get your own weapon tangentially related by element. (Fire,Bomb,Cut,Elec,Guts,Oil,Ice,Time).
Map got a lot of weapon of 1 element? No worries, you get a new weapon with each one you pick up.

All the assists have become generic. Bass won't ride Rush Jet, that'd be weird, he gets Item Jet.
A class will use generic versions of the attack assists unless they have Loadoutassist.
Also attack assist respawn times have been normalized to 20 seconds.

These things also double as W-Tanks, if used after already having used one. Or if your class has no Upgrades.
Don't use W-Tanks? Then you get Minigear, an item that temporarily boosts attack, defense, and speed.
Also upgrade respawn time has been extended to 30 seconds.


1. Your class must pick up weapons in some capacity. This can be either Copywep or Loadoutwep.
1b. A Loadoutwep picks up 4-8 weapons. A class can have fewer for testing purposes, but it is incomplete.
1c. A Loadoutwep should spawn with a set 4 of their weapon pickups in lms.
1d. A Loadoutwep need not necessarily get a weapon for weapon pickup. Ex: Fire weapon gives a perma speed boost.
2. No required altfires. Like core. Just adhere to 2b.
2b. Do not make me mash fire or altfire. If your class uses a charge weapon, alt should be turbo fire.
3. LoadoutAssist - You can have up to 3 assists, or just the default assists.
4. LoadoutUpgrade - Upgrades either go "A", "B", or "Super." That's how many you can have. If you use none, no worries, that just means you get W-Tanks/MiniGears.


1. Should be an "addition" file. To be added after Classbase+Classes. You can either: edit the classes file and remove all unchanged things, or: just start with those additions. If I receive a whole edited classes file, I will make the removals and post the file as a "helpful" reminder.
2. If the class is already in another mod, you can make a standalone file using my classbase (here).



Debut Classes

The copywep stats

all: +/- 0%

hp: -5%
atk: -5%
spd: +5%

hp: -25%
atk: +10%
spd: +10%

hp: -15%
atk: -15%
spd: +15%
jmp: +10%

hp: +15%
atk: +15%
spd: -35%

The loadoutwep classes

A dirty cheater who uses 2 weapons at the same time.

VampireKiller and Arthur
Ported from Unholy and GvH, the protagonists of Castlevania and Ghosts n' Goblins.
Their weapons are exactly what you'd expect.

Initial class ideas
shovel knight
the MMSP gang


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