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So it's no secret that lms loadouts is unbalanced
after all, core wasn't designed for it, everyone starts with the same weapons in lms.
Certain weapons are going to win more... but... what if those victories told the game to nerf that weapon? And a loss buffed it?
Theoretically, an equilibrium would be reached...
Or maybe not.
But hey, if that sounds fun, this is for you.
Remember to add after LMS Loadouts. Since it's balancing different loadouts... and core is synchronized loadouts...

addon file

So specically, each weapon has an "hp" and "score."
Winning subtracts score, losing adds score.
Hp increases/decreases your hp with that weapon equipped.
Hp typically matches the score.


WepHPEditList - lists all the weapon hps. also displays on server join.
WepHPEditCurrent - lists your weapon hps. also displays on spawn.


WEP_HP# - weapon hp add/subtract.
WEP_SCORE# - weapon score.

WEP_LOCK# - weapon score no longer affects the weapon hp.

WEP_SCOREMAX - max score. default 30.
WEP_SCOREMIN - min score. default -30.
WEP_SCORERATE - bigger number means more drastic score change. default is 1.
WEP_SCORE_PLAYERSMIN - only have scores change if at least this many players played. default is 4.

"benchmark weapons"
these weapons have their LOCK set to true by default and are the weapons before -1 and 0 in the edited loadout menu.
so using this set means you will always have the default 100 hp and could be said to be the standard all other weapons are trying to match.
they are

thunder bolt
needle cannon
flame blast
drill bomb
scorch wheel

It's too Many. :shock:


just some display improvements

old file
(click to show/hide)


just a file that alternates between
random, scored loadouts
player choice, unscored loadouts

it uses the cvars

*this hopefully alleviates that feeling of being punished for picking your favorite weapon and winning
*can help get people out of their comfort zones on weapons, as well as provide wider weapon balance data


just adding a command to log the cvars so I could carry them between server hostings


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