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Main Project 1:
"8BDM Plus"
A series of toggleable improvements to 8bdm and moddability improvements.

Main Project 2:
(Add after plus)
Jax tries to improve the core weps and balance them around loadout.

Side Project 1:
"Meta LMS"
(Add after jwep)
A dynamic attempt at weapon balance by having weapon winrate affect player hp level.
Have rounds alternated between random weapons and player choice weapons.

Side Project 2:
"Team Sneaking J"
(Add after plus)
Jax tries to improve Team Seaking.

Side Project 3:
"Cash Game"
(Add after plus)
Use cash gained in between rounds to buy weapons and items.

Side Project 4:
"Basic Bosses"
(Remember to set SAX_MODE 1 from plus)
(Add after Jwep)
(Add after basic bosses to remove megaman as a boss)

Side Project 4B:
"More Bosses"
(Add after basic bosses)
(Totally optional)

Side Project 5:
"Bootleg CBM"
(Add after Jwep)

Misc File 1:
"Class HP Edit"
a series of cvars (CLASS_HP#) allows one to edit class hp values on the spot for instant balancing.

Initial Files

Initial Plus Features
*Team Imbalance Power
*Projectile Team Colors
*Item Minimap Icons
*Invisible Ally display
*Respawn Delay
*Percent Health Pickups
*Ally and Enemy healthbars

JWep changelog
jwepv1b6 -> plus-jwepv1b9
now a mod added after plus
map wep remove option
duel heal/ammo factor/limit options
Shield Rework
*Shields that you can put up and then switch weapon during (like skull barrier) are to be referred to as "flex shields." A framework has been made for these.
*Skull barrier reduces next hit by 90%. Skull barrier can be launched off as 4 fast shots. Pit immunity no longer involves taking damage from the pit.
*Leaf Shield now a flex shield. Not a counter, reduces up to 5 damage from attacks. (Good defense against rapid attacks to contrast against Skull barrier's good defense against power attacks). Shield throw damage 20->30.
*Junk Shield now a flex shield. Not a counter, just simple 50% damage absorb armor. Shield throw throws more junk when used with more armor.
*Jewel Satellite now a flex shield. Gives reflect and 25% damage resistance. Can be seeked, but it's complicated. Jewel Shot damage 28->15.
*Star Crash reduces gravity while in use. Shield throw deals splash damage.
*Ice Wall startup does radius damage
/Shield Rework
*Bot Charge Kick Fixed

New Misc File
"Class HP Edit"
a series of cvars (CLASS_HP#) allows one to edit class hp values on the spot for instant balancing.

Side Project Port
"Basic Bosses"
(This files is the mode that actually sets people's teams and keeps damage score)
(Add after Jwep)
(Add after basic bosses to remove megaman as a boss)

Continuing the boss mod with bosses that are not megaman
More Bosses

Adding music to the mod
More Bosses Music

New Boss
Scrooge McDuck

Golfs rocks, cane pogos, and calls Gizmoduck.

New Boss

A very quick boss that slows down to attack with a barrage of ice.
Can fly.
Rage is an insane spread of ice. Apparently there's a blind spot right in front of the attack, but that's ridiculous. Who would be stupid enough to make an attack with such a glaring flaw...


Am now accepting boss submissions.
These can be concepts, assets, or code.
But I do have rules.

jax's boss guidelines

1. make sure your boss works in both tlms and a theoretical tdm
1a. no team switch mechanics

2. keep the boss selection option in mind
2a. no bosses that only work solo/duo. (maybe another day)
2b. no secret/rare bosses.

3. no altfire requirement, like core.

4. make sure the boss can reach high places. infinicoil is the generic solution.

5. make sure the boss uses rage for something.

6. boss should work in a 1v1

jax's boss pointers

1. keep in mind how the team imbalance buff works. it's both an hp and an atk buff. so your attack should probably benefit from the atk buff.

2. the bosses are not morphs, so multiple weapons actually work for them

3. a boss timer means you can do things you couldn't really do before, like limitless flight, limitless invuln, etc.
3a. that's not to say survivor stall is recommended either, as time depletion will give the boss rage and "panic run" (increased speed)
3b. if you do infinite flight, i recommend moves that work better up close. try to give a reason to fly down.


You can post your submissions in the discord or here I guess.

Also here's a list of assets needed to make this mod less placeholder-y

Gutsman G HUD
Reggae HUD
Wily Saucer HUD
Monking Skin
Monking HUD
Colton HUD
Cirno HUD

just cleaning up the menus


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