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added variable to scale boss hp (SAX_SCALE_HP)
bosses work right in training room (busterammo->bossbusterammo)
timer turns red when there's a minute left
wily saucer attack offset adjusted. less likely to get eaten when fired from ceiling.
wily saucer buff. can now use rage to fire homing orbs during stealth rage.
reggae nerfs. (unraged RoF lower. raged panic run bonus lower. quicker rage depletion.)
colton bullet sparkles and turns red if fired while locked on
colton buff. base bullet dmg (25/15)->(30/20).
shadow mega rage buff: cost reduced, heals on hit.


Returning Boss

Throw shots that leave behind yet more shots. Use rage to dash. The dash also makes shots.
Can Fly.

Returning Boss
Ninja Spy

Throw shadow blades. Use rage to hide and leave a dangerous exploding corpse. Can hide forever if you hold still.

colton boss music no longer changes during the fight
bosses work right in training room (busterammo->bossbusterammo)
cave johnson portal cooldown 6->3.
saxton hale brave jump now grants speed on use. base health 200->175.


made some maestro classes that
functionally, are just megaman with some stat edits
visually, they are maestro with some spiffy headwear

they are
survivor: +hp, -atk
knight: +hp, -spd
berserker: +atk, -hp
artillery: +atk, -spd
rogue: +spd, -hp
recon: +spd, -atk

here they are on their own

and they have been enfolded into morebosses. the "m" stands for maestro you see...

the boss can now see enemies through walls if there's a minute left.
the "x" stands for x-ray you see...


fixed maestros going invis when hit by reggae

fixed classes going invis when hit by reggae
rock bot


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