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v1b9b -> v1b9c
bugfix: jewelsatellitewep spawn
fixed shield use on spawn
manually launched jewel satellite jewels deal more damage than auto-launch

Bootleg CBM is back
now works with taunts

v1b9c -> v1b10
junk shield damage 8&4->12&6. but bits also spawn out further and smaller size.
land wave burner now does afterburn. 7 damage -> 9 damage (3 damage, 6 damage of afterburn over 3 seconds)
rolling cutter recode. can now switch weapons without the cutter fully returning.
skull barrier buff: blocks a little longer than just 1st tic of damage. (15 tics?)
rolling cutter, ring boomerang, magic card return smoother
(boomerangs eventually die if you try to keep them up forever via 2-way teles)
(wallflameblast code update)
(flex shield code update)

v1fb -> v1fc
added option to adjust amount of starting wtanks
gave monking weps some icons

added a setting (SAX_MODE) so I could put this in another mod

that mod is plus
plus now includes basic boss mode

Cirno got a weapon HUD

Returning boss
Saxton Hale

Punches and stomps people hippies. Rage is invincibility. Fight like a mann!

Returning boss
Cave Johnson

Burn them down with combustible lemons. Rage is more lemons.

Returning boss
Christian Burtal Sniper

Slash with the shiv and shoot arrows with rage. Lands hits to make it rain blood.


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