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V-Classes Public Beta v1.0

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Since I'm a developer for this mod, I'll just announce this for now:

V-Classes Public Beta 2 is now public!


Please note that Mega Man's Power Gear is in a VERY WIP state. Only the following weapons were edited:
(click to show/hide)-Rolling Cutter
-Fire Storm
-Hyper Bomb
-Ice Slasher
-Time Slow
-Metal Blade
-Crash Bomb
-Air Shooter
-Shadow Blade
-Hard Knuckle
-Skull Barrier
-Centaur Flash

Will be adding a hotfix patch, there was an issue with Gyro Man that fell between the cracks during testing. We thought we fixed it, turns out we didn't, so we're taking care of that now.

We've uploaded a second balance patch to address some recent issues rather than waiting for the next release. This current release featured a lot of characters, and this being a public beta and all, we'd like to get more info on the new roster as a whole, which we feel won't be possible if everyone just picks a couple broken characters over and over again. So this should temper things and help us see how the rest of the new and updated characters fare before the next full version.

Thanks again to everyone for helping us out! There's some things you're only going to discover when the public at large gets their hands on a mod, which is why we went with public betas in the first place.


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