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T's Inventions:
Eventually, there comes a time in life when you've got to end up being like.......  SCREW IT!
After years of being absent from these forums and the online games, I've decided I just can't take it anymore.

After having my name mentioned on the front blog/page years ago.  I've known I can't just keep this a secret project forever...
Many MM8BDM players who have been here in the community long enough will remember Classic Bot Apocalypse, first discovered/invented by SaviorSword years ago.
All these years, it has definitely been by far one of my favorite mods/modes for MM8BDM, if not my top one.
And while Messatsu and SickSadWorld DID try to turn it into a fully functional WAD/Mod' that could be added to the game.
I just never really liked the direction that their versions were going in.  And so now I give you my version of Bot Apocalypse!

This is an attempt to continue the development of the Bot Apocalypse WAD while Messatsu and SickSadWorld does not seem to be working on it much at all.
With my version, I'm attempting to add some good stuff that Mess' and Sick' never tried doing, and hopefully this will be a good improvement from their versions, no joke!
For now, I'm starting more simple and focusing mainly on fixing the biggest problems that the classic (WADless) Bot Apocalypse had.

  Here are the current working features:
* The bots switch weapons in a new way.
* Players gets 8-second invincibility at the start of rounds.
* Players gets the same random assist item(s) at the start of rounds.
* More weapons appear - ones that does not normally appear in (T)LMS.
* Plays win and lose music at the end of a map.
* Keeps players and bots on the right teams when they enter the game.
* Keeps crouching turned on for players to use.
* Prevents the bots from picking up weapons and items.
* Spawns some small health capsules throughout the map for the players to pickup.

  Future features that I do want to add soon/eventually in later version(s):
* The automatic-bot-adding and * the bot-leader stuff.
Now, before I get to adding these features, there are some new ideas I have/want planed for them that to me is CRUCIAL to get working.  (I didn't name myself T's INVENTIONS for nothing!)
(click to show/hide)I'm a little worried about what could/might happen if I spoil it for you now, but oh what the heck, here you go, if you REALLY want to know...
Before a bot leader can rise/join with the bots, there's first going to have to be at least 5 players that have joined into the game (that's my magic number that I'm sure will work for it at the moment),
and when the players join into the game, they will be able to choose if they want to sign up for being the bot leader or not,
and if they do choose to be the bot leader, they will also be able to choose the bots that they want in their army,
and they will also be added into a queue/line that works just like in Dual Mode!
No more same bot leader 2 maps in row, and no more begging the Random Player Picker to select you!
As for when there's more than 4 players that's in the game but no-one has chosen to be the leader,
I guess then the game can randomly select one of those players to be the leader.

Now at this point, I'm VERY sorry for not releasing this MUCH sooner years ago...
Also I know I'm not the best and most advanced Doom/ACS coder, but please expect me to know what I'm doing.
I will explain more further details soon enough.  All feedback and support is appreciated etc.

DownLoad The Current Version Here:

T's Inventions:
Well, aren't you all totally the most chatty about this mode...  Not.
OK, maybe it would help if I post some links to previous Bot Apocalypse topics here on CutStuff from many years ago in case if anyone's interested about learning more about Bot Apocalypse and its history...

Here is SaviorSword's original topic, he starts it off by explaining how to setup an original WAD-less server:
(Some of the steps are not needed anymore due to old issues/flaws with MM8BDM now being fixed and long gone.)

SickSadWorld's topic for his WAD/version that he made years ago:

And lastly, TailsMK4 made a guide intended for when you play Messatsu's WAD/version:

Also, I would like to ask the CutStuff mod's when can I have this Topic moved up to Projects&Creative, as I have been getting quite a bit of players in my server over these past couple of months!

I tried to host a Messatsu's Botapoc server today on mm8bdmv6a but there was an error or something


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