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MMV Chapter style bots for Skirmish mode

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This mod will allow you to fight MMV Chapter style bots in skirmish, where bots will use their canon colouring and special weapons. For bots that don't have special weapons of their own, some compromises have been made for some of them (e.g. Doc Robot and King) while others will just use the standard buster. A few bots even have a special ability, such as flight. This mod also adds bots for skins that currently lack them (e.g. alt forms of Roll, Bass, Slash Man, Ballade, etc).

As the title states, this was designed mainly for offline skirmish. If this is being played online, there's two bots in particular that will cause major lag on the server (both of whom use a certain spoiler weapon from the campaign) so be careful.

This will also work for campaign mode, but only in Chapter 7 onwards. This won't take effect for Chapters 1-6, for story reasons. And of course, this won't take effect for the MMV Chapter itself either.

Have fun!

Awesome! I always thought Chapters 7-12 were a little weird since they still had regular busters instead of their signature weapon.

All looks so neat. One thing, though...

Bots still seem to aim for weapons even when they can't pick them up.

Is it ok if I use your code for custom bots

Yeah, don't really have a problem with that. I copied most of the coding from core's VCMPGN.acs file anyway.


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