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MMV Chapter style bots for Skirmish mode

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Ok thank you

Yo sick, an alternate version that applies this to MM1-6 as well would be nice as an additional option too

Magical Doropie:
I'm playing the singleplayer campaign with this and Bubble Man and Astro Man are bullying me in Aqua Man's stage. Please send help

So I just did the MM1-6 Chapters in this style via offline multiplayer and holy hell its hard. Most of them were a piece of cake while others were annoying and took multiple tries to beat (MM2QUI and MM4BRI come to mind) but there were 2 stages that were absolute HELL to complete. Heck, one of them I haven't even passed yet.

MM4DRI: This is the one I beat. It has Drill Man, Ground Man, Hard Man, Bomb Man, and Crash Man in it. Took me 2 days to beat. What's hard is the Robot Master selection here. Ground Man is noting to worry about its the other 4 that make it hard (especially Bomb Man with his infinite Hyper Bomb supply (We'll cover this more in the second level). But, they all have heavy hitting weapons that can kill you in seconds. Drill Man I didn't have too many problems with, but Crash Man and Hard Man were annoying. Crash Bomb and Hard Knuckle are are just fast moving weapons and are hard to avoid. Like sometimes I would just turn around and instantly get a knuckle to the face.

MM2FLA: 7 robot masters in the smallest map in the game. One of them being Bomb Man. There is a reason I have dubbed this level an impossible rank. Bomb Man is a monster in this level, combined with Flash Man, Pharaoh Man, Frost Man, Bright Man, Freeze Man, & Burst Man. Flash whom can leave you vulnerable to attacks with Time Stopper and Bright can blind you letting you walk into a whole field of Hyper Bombs. Bomb Man is the sole reason MM2FLA is impossible. I was at 18 frags with a 5 point lead over Bomb and he gets a 6 frag shot at the last second and wins the match. Even when I was using my top strategy (Spam Napalm Bomb and Quick Boomerang from a distance) he was getting 20 frags in under a minute. Just unfair.

Great mod tho. (10/10)

EDIT: I finally beat MM2FLA. I got really lucky that the Bomb Man bot decided to go stupid mode and get stuck to a wall.

So how do I do this with custom bots


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