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Boss info (re)post

File Organization Explanation
(click to show/hide)"Jax Explains why his server has 6 extra files"

editsforplus + plus: a series of toggleable improvements to 8bdm and moddability improvements. team imbalance is actually in here.
lwep: balancing the core weapons around loadout. also has the sbarinfo.
basic bosses: boss system. megaman bosses.
more bosses: adding bosses and mob classes.
more bosses music and taunts: these files huge as always...

(btw you should probably get ZDL if you haven't yet. makes working with this easier)
Boss gameplay instructions
(click to show/hide)0. Team imbalance buff.
0a. A boss starts with health proportional to how outnumbered they are.
0b. The more health a boss has, the more damage their attacks do. Depleting their health reduces their damage output.

1. Boss time limit.
1a. The boss will die when this time limit is hit.
1b. Each survivor death increases the time limit.
1c. When there is a minute left, the boss gains x-ray vision on the mob.

2. Boss rage.
2a. The boss gains rage proportional to damage taken.
2b. The boss gains rage when running out of time.
2c. The boss gains rage when attacks impair their movement.
2d. The boss's rage reserve is indicated by the weird skull oval behind them. blue means no rage, purple means mid rage, red means full rage.

3. Panic run.
3a. The boss gets faster as they run out of health or time.

Tip: You can test out a boss in offline skirmish deathmatch by just selecting the class.
jax's boss guidelines
(click to show/hide)1. make sure your boss works in both tlms and a theoretical tdm
1a. no team switch mechanics

2. keep the boss selection option in mind
2a. no bosses that only work solo/duo. (maybe another day)
2b. no secret/rare bosses.

3. no altfire requirement, like core.

4. make sure the boss can reach high places. infinicoil is the generic solution.

5. make sure the boss uses rage for something.

6. boss should work in a 1v1
jax's boss pointers
(click to show/hide)1. keep in mind how the team imbalance buff works. it's both an hp and an atk buff. so your attack should probably benefit from the atk buff.

2. the bosses are not morphs, so multiple weapons actually work for them

3. a boss timer means you can do things you couldn't really do before, like limitless flight, limitless invuln, etc.
3a. that's not to say survivor stall is recommended either, as time depletion will give the boss rage and "panic run" (increased speed)
3b. if you do infinite flight, i recommend moves that work better up close. try to give a reason to fly down.


v1bh2 -> v1bh3
wily saucer mainfire on blackhole bug
adjusted pace settings


painchance 255 -> 256
higher hp num display
power upgrade hud fix by TheLemonLimeBrony


v1b -> v1c
adjusted damage/score table format, added scores command to menu

v1bh3 -> v1c
adjusted damage/score table format, added scores command to menu
shadow mega has vents now. adjustment.

v1ah -> v1b
resolved music issue on mm8ten and mmk
cirno buff/rework
2 new bosses
(click to show/hide)Morshu

Lamp oil, rope, bombs?


A boss description.


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