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Oops! All Marios (v1.3) (+ Mario's Head & Referee Mario)

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Hello! It's me, Mario! And I would like to thank you for choosing:

This is an addon for Class Based Modifications, it was made purely out of my desire to try this modding stuff and because I thought it would be fun(ny).

Oops! All Marios, as the title implies, adds certain classes to CBM, which all happen to be Marios, each with a different arsenal and different characteristics, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Future development is uncertain but definitely planned.

Probably on hiatus if development ever continues.

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Sorry for only having screenshots of the first three classes.
(a rather vague) Changelog:
(click to show/hide)08/29/2021 (v1.3)

New classes:

- Mario's Head
- Referee Mario

Changes and fixes:

- Doc Scanner scanning the wrong weapons got fixed (for real this time if it wasn't before).
- I forgor :skull:

06/04/2021 (v1.2)

New classes:

- Dr. Mario

Changes and fixes:

-Doc Scanner scanning the wrong weapons got fixed.
-Classhelp command text implemented.

04/19/2021 (v1.1)

- RPG Mario:
  Melee attacks are much stronger, speed increased only during the jump attack, has more health.

- Kart Mario:
  Green Shell has less bounces but is stronger, Bananas charge faster, shoot further and are stronger.

- Damagetypes now work as intended (I will be fired for that blunder soon), so attacks with a lack of hitstun or special properties do as they should, such as RPG's timed hit, Kart's dash and Fludd's squirting, rocketing and a special dropped item.

- Herobrine:

04/15/2021 (v1.0)

Initial release, including:

- RPG Mario
- Kart Mario
- FLUDD Mario

(click to show/hide)Oops! All Marios v1.3 (for CBM v9fh still)
Oops! All Marios v1.2 (for CBM v9fh)
Oops! All Marios v1.1 (for CBM v9fh)
Oops! All Marios v1.0 (for CBM v9fh)
(click to show/hide)Mod made by myself, Emilianomario

Special Thanks (private testing, ideas): IseTee, Mr. Porkchop, Doremy

All custom assets are made or edited by me, otherwise rips come from The Spriters Resource or my own screenshots in a few cases, such as RPG's fire and death effects.

Pr. Gibberoni:
So when's Oops! All Luigis

This project shows some of the most care and attention to detail with some pretty fun classes, I look forward to seeing more out of it and any other future projects

Good stuff

Gamecube Geek:
"thank you so much for making my game"


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