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Due to the complex way weapons are coded, it's no surprise that there are hardly (seriously, none) any weapon mods showing up. A tutorial would have humongous to write, so instead I decided to create a weapon template. This file includes 2 new weapons, a buster weapon and a throwing weapon. The first example is well documented, explaining every element of the code. The example also includes all the other necessary bits and bobs to make the weapon work properly in MM8BDM.

I do have to warn you, this is a lot harder than mapping mostly due to the way things are implemented in Skulltag. If you have a passion for game development, and the patience of a statue, this template may be the doorway to finally having brand new weapons in MM8BDM. I hope it helps.

From the readme:

--- Code: ---****************************************************
MM8BDM WEAPON TEMPLATE v5 - For use with MM8BDM v5d!
**************************************************** - Code reference


Welcome to the MM8BDM weapon example! First I'd like to apologise for how awkward it is to implement new weapons into
MM8BDM. This is due to many things. The way I've coded things, and the way Skulltag handles certain lumps.
This example is designed to briefly explain the DECORATE weapon code, give you an idea of the PK3 structure and
(hopefully) make things easier when it comes to making your own weapons for MM8BDM.

To test this example, to see that it's working, just open the MM8BDM launcher and hit "add file". Run the game
and use "Give All" to acquire your new toys!

When things are getting stressful, just remember that the I had to follow these steps for every weapon in the game...

Good luck!


Here's some steps to follow when starting out with a new weapon. You don't have to follow this order, but it's the
way I've been doing it for the past year. (ed - More like 10 years)

1. Adding the sprites (sprites folder) and sounds (sounds folder).
   - For sprites, don't forget those offsets and PNG transparency!
   - Define the HUD sprites in the TEXTURES.HUDS file.
2. Coding the weapon itself (see actors/newweapon.txt). There are two examples here that may help.
3. Including the newly coded weapon in the main DECORATE lump.
4. At this point you should be able to at least test the weapon. Test until you're happy with the results.
   - To run, use the add file button on the launcher under single play.
   - You may get some console errors. If the game doesn't bomb with an error message, you can test it! Use the Give All cheat.

6. Define the weapon's icon in the TEXTURES.ICONS file.
7. Define the weapon's energy bar graphics in the TEXTURES.BARS file.
8. Adding BOTH vertical and newly coded horizontal bar graphics to SBARINFO (see SBARINFO.H.txt).
   - This file will need to be updated new weapons are added to MM8BDM!
9. Editing the COLORS.acs lump to add color translations (palette swaps).
   - Again when MM8BDM gets new weapons this will have to be updated too.
   - This is the most complicated section. Read the notes thoroughly.
   - DON'T FORGET TO COMPILE THIS LUMP! In SLADE, right click and hit compile!
10. Editing the WEPACS.acs lump to add LMS data and energy item pickups.
11. Edit the weapon definition to add the new color translation you just created in COLORS.acs.
12. Final test. Don't forget the following:
   - Make sure energy items and W tanks work.
   - Make sure M Tanks work (use "give MTank" to test this).
   - Make sure your colors are correct (check the mirror in Roll's room or use chasecam).
   - Make sure the energy bar is displayed for BOTH HUDs (use + and - to toggle the horizontal HUD).
   - Make sure the weapon's icon is displayed under/next to the energy bar.
13. If you've made it this far, congratulations! Take your new creation online for balance testing and robot blasting!


* When MM8BDM is updated, you WILL have to update your weapon pk3 file. If you do not, the new weapons in MM8BDM will
  fail to work correctly, if the game even starts.
* Because of the way SBARINFO works, you CANNOT mix and match weapon pk3 files. Do not attempt to launch the game with
  more than one pk3 that includes new weapons.
* HOWEVER to counter this, you caoveralln merge the pk3's by copying over the code and implementing it into a single pk3 file.
  Be sure to have the weapon author's permission before you do this if you wish to distribute the file afterwords.
* If you're stuck with ANY of the code, the ZDoom wiki is the place to go. The link is at the top of this file!
* Still stuck? We don't blame you. Go to the forums and post in the editing forum!
* Made a rad weapon? Sweet! Please help others out if you can!
Good luck, and thank you for trying to expand MM8BDM's growing collection of user content!

Donate if you love me!

~ CutmanMike 2011 -

Update Notes:
Korby updated for v2, but he's mostly just copy and pasting.
Lego updated for v3, again he also pasted in stuff.
Lego again for v4a, added information of recoloring buster HUDs and also copy pasting stuff.
Balrog updated for v5d, updated overall tutorial to be more useful for v5 and the Year of Our Lord Two-thousand and Nineteen.
--- End code ---

Well. When you called it the awsum weapon, it is infact awesome. A solid tutorial for new comers, good job.

Though, Freeze Cracker is still missing from the M-Tank List  ;)


(click to show/hide)Because I didn't see this mentioned in the large text thing, Your weapons' colors will not be compatible with anyone else's unless their weapons' colors are in your WCOLORS lump.Nevermind, it's canceled out because of another thing.

Great job, Cutman! Be prepared for thirty thousand craptacular weapons and few awesome ones :>

Kinda the same thing as notes 2 and 3 at the bottom of the read me.


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