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Since some of you may be curious of those weapons, here goes a basic outline of them in said game. You can try it yourself with a NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator and the Rom (but I won't tell you where to find, of course).

--- Quote from: "Power Battles" ---*Super Arm: Shots out a round boulder and doesn't have to hold it overhead. It is slightly affected by gravity.
*Crash Bomb: The Crash bomb is affected by gravity in the same manner Flame Blast is. Once pinned, takes 1.5 seconds to explode, unleashing small pelets that causes small explosions in a spiral pattern. (sort of) If the bomb hits a player instead of pinning, it doesn't explode.
*Atomic Fire: No charge is like Flame Blast. LV1 Charge is like Flame Blast too, but bigger. And has a shorter stay.
*Rolling Cutter: No change
*Leaf Shield: Not many changes to report, unless it damaging like Star Crash counts (damage on contact)
*Ice Slasher: The same. Perhaps only a visual change: looks more like an icicle/kunai
*Dust Crusher: Same.
*Gyro Attack: Same
*Magnet Missile: Cosmetic change: magnets have a magnet field in front of them.
*Plant Barrier: Same as leaf shield above
*Gemini Laser: Thinner, but behaves the same.
*Napalm Bomb: Bounces as usual, but moves slightly faster forward. The exploison is in cross pattern with spiral sequence.
*Slash Claw: Nothing changed.
*Freeze Cracker: Same.
*Scorch Whell: Same.
*Thunder Strike: Only cosmetic changes.
*Noise Crusher: Same.
*Junk Shield: Only three junk blocks spins slowly around you. Each one can only land two or three hits.
*Mega/Proto/Forte Buster: All are chargeable, like Mega Buster in classic series. But each have a cosmetic difference and apparently one is strong or faster than the other.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: "Power Fighters" ---*Shadow Blade: Unlike the classic, it doesn't come back.
*Bubble Lead: Moves slightly faster and is bigger (almost the size of Megaman)
*Atomic Fire: same fashion as Flame Blast, but the "fire pilars" moves forward for a short distance. Power Fighter's version actually has some use. Also, charged version goes further (as a pilar of fire) and is slightly bigger.
*Plant Barrier: Same as in Power Battle.
*Centaur Arrow: Randomly shoots in either 15 up or straight ahead.
*Gyro Attack: Same, except that it doesn't go down.
*Rolling Cutter: Everytime it comes back to you, you regain the ammo you spent. But it doesn't cut through enemies.
*Noise Crusher: Same.
*Power Stone: A hand of stone comes out the ground, goes a medium distance along the ground and disappears. I think it shouldn't go off the ledges.
*Thunder Beam: Mostly cosmetic changes. However, it doesn't cut through enemies. Also, the three beams comes out in front of the character insteads of coming from within them, allowing to hit with all three beams someone who is right in their face.
*Dive Missile: Doesn't chase around, but adjusts itself to the enemy's height. Also, looks like a torpedo.
*Slash Claw: Range is much, much shorter.
*Super Arm: Same as in Power Battles, but has a very short range.
*Air Shooter: Same behavior as in Megaman 2, however it goes twice farther and is only shot one at a time instead of three.
*Quick boomerang: Works much like Megaman 3's shadow blade, but not as fast. Stops in midair for less than half a second and tries to come back to you in a straight line. If you touch it during its come back, you regain the ammo you spent for that shot.
*Pharaoh Wave: Kinda like Solar Man's weapon, when it launches those two waves.
*Gemini Laser: Same aspect as Power Battle, but cuts through the enemy.
*Napalm Bomb: Same as Power Battle.

*Gospel: He shoots an energy blast out his mouth when you shoot. Charged shots makes him ram into the enemy.
*Rush: Works as Rush Coil when you jump on him. If you shoot a Charged Shot, he'll turn into a Rush Jet and ram into the enemy.
*Beat: Gives temporary invulnerability

--- End quote ---

heh, In My Current Project, We Might already have people working on these weapons, Huray for thinking ahead!  :cool:


--- Quote from: "Skye.EXE" ---heh, In My Current Project, We Might already have people working on these weapons, Huray for thinking ahead!  :cool:
--- End quote ---
In a community, one must do their best to cooperate :D

Some People Cant Do That, We Dont Know Why  :geek:   :lol:

Is this something you want to do, or is there progress?


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