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[Half-EXPANSION]: D2MM Maps - MMLMS Updated with Music!

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Well, anyone in the Skype family's heard of the project Lakister and I have been working on. (With some help from SickSadWorld, too!)

We're retexturing the Doom2 maps that are around MM8BDM, so they don't take as long to load, and load for certain.

We plan on doing all of the mapsets, even INV (I'll be doing those with mets as enemies; various strengths to such mets!), so the maps of MM8BDM aren't so limited to robot masters! People who've seen our maps claim they're outstanding for retextures, but most of the credit goes to the original mapmakers.

As of now, we've only done the MMLMS mapset, and MMDMSEC. To complete MMLMS' mapset, we need skyboxes and a few tweaks to be done on three of the maps. Should be completed by today or tomorrow.

MMLMS .pk3: Here.
Updated! Now with added songs for MMLMS42, MMLMS43, and MMLMS72.
(All songs for the above are of my own creation)

(click to show/hide)Maps in order and who re-textured them.

MMLMS1 (Lakister)
MMLMS2 (Lakister)
MMLMS3 (Lakister)
MMLMS4 (Lakister) MMLMS42 (Ashley) MMLMS43 (Ashley)
MMLMS5 (Lakister) Thanks to Messatsu for the music!
MMLMS6 (Lakister)
MMLMS7 (Lakister) MMLMS72 (Ashley)
MMLMS8 (Lakister)
MMLMS9 (Lakister)
MMLMS10 (Lakister)
MMDM .pk3: Being Worked On

MMCTF .pk3: Being Worked On

MMDUEL .pk3: Planned..

MMST .pk3: Planned..

MMINV .pk3: Planned..

Credmap retexture: Possibly?

--If you find any problems with the maps, music-wise, texturewise, skybox wise, please inform us in a reply to this thread.

Just retexturing the SKULLTAG maps? I don't possibly see this as a bad thing as all you're doing is making them playable in this game.

Good to know, DTD. :3

The MMLMS maps should be done within today.

Two DM maps (Gateway and Dead Simple) have been done already.

We know, YD, but we're redoing them all, our own way.

EDIT: MMLMS mapset pk3 put up.


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