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Like I did with Rockman Power Battles & Fighters Weapon Information, I will write here as much as I can possible come up with of the Megaman Xtreme 1 and 2 weapons, including Zero's moves, Giga Crush moves AND effect of various parts. The best way to further learn of changes is to actually play the game.

--- Quote from: "Megaman Xtreme" ---*X Buster V1: Same as Megaman X.

*Head Armor Upgrade: It only allows to break some blocks using your head. So... Use your head! :D
*Body Armor Upgrade: As always, gives a defense boost. Halves incoming damage.
*Arm Armor Upgrade: Gives you another buster charge level. this LV3 chargeLooks like the LV2, but is purple and has the "wave" of Megaman X's LV3. Also allows to charge weapons.
*Leg Armor Upgrade: Increases mobility. Gives a good increase in overall speed. Also breaks some blocks with wall kick and the wall jump seems to be under permanent effect of dash+jump.
*Shotokan Moves: Shoryuken and Hadouken. A "two-in-one" pack. They behave a little different from Megaman X counterparts in terms of command. You just need to hold UP or DOWN while you are about to release a LV3 charge to release a Shoryuken or Hadouken. Power wise? They are OHKO... Or used to be... I dunno, on normal bosses it rips 4 times more than their weaknesses does.

**Zero Scramble: This allows you to call Zero to do an unstoppable atttack. Think of him like those Navi Chips from Megaman Battle Network, that causes said Navi to pop in, do something their chip is supposed to do, then leave. The drawback? There's no refunds! You heard me: you can NOT Recharge Zero Scramble, and they all share the same bar/ammo.
*Z1 - Zero Scramble "Dash": Calls Zero to do a Dash Attack. Doesn't cause much damage, but is usefull against rows of enemies and consumes 1/5 of the Zero Scramble energy bar.
*Z2 - Zero Scramble "Rising": Calls Zero to dash into the first enemy in his path and do a Rising Attack. Does a good damage, but is usefull against a though enemy and consumes 1/6 of the Zero Scramble energy bar.
*Z3 - Zero Scramble "Earth Gizer": Calls Zero do a Giga Crush, wiping all the enemies on the screen. Does a good damage. but only good against a crowd of enemies and consumes 1/3 of the Zero Scramble energy bar.
*Z4 - Zero Scramble "Final": Does a slash combo, ending with a rising attack. Pauses time. Causes heavy damage at the cost of more than half of Zero Scramble energy bar.

*Shotgun Ice: Normal shot is the same as Megaman X. Charged was supposed to be the same too, but you can't ride the ice penguin sled.
*Electric Spark: Same as Megaman X.
*Storm Tornado: Same as Megaman X. It rips nicely. Should be Storm Trollnado.
*Speed Burner: Same as Megaman X2, except it doesn't leave the flame trail and the charged shot engulfs X in flames... Completly.
*Rolling Shield: Same as Megaman X. Charged shot allows you to touch spikes without getting harmed, though.
*Silk Shot: Same as Megaman X2. Except it doesn't attracts junk in the charged version, instead shooting  the huge chunk of junk immediately.
*Magnet Mine: Same as in Megaman X2.
*Spin Wheel: Same as Megaman X2.

--- End quote ---

And now...

--- Quote from: "Megaman Xtreme 2" ---*X Buster V1: Same as Megaman Xtreme.
*Z-Saber: Combo, air slash and dash slash are like the ones from Megaman X6.

*X Head Armor Upgrade: Same useless crap from the first game. They obviously lacked creativity.
*X Body Armor Upgrade: Halves damage taken and gives Giga Crush. Same as Megaman X2, I guess.
*X Arm Armor Upgrade: Adds two new levels of charge shot for X-Buster. LV3, which fires a LV1 and can be followed up by an extra charge that, if colliding with said LV1, burst into only two uncharged shots that flies 45 upward and downward. LV4 fires a LV2 and can be followed with the extra charge, resulting in a spread of 4 uncharged buster shots that goes 45  and 22 (upward and downward). Better you not shoot the two charges at once then, as the extra charge is like Megaman Xtreme's LV3 buster and is as powerfull. Also allows to charge Special weapons
*X Leg Armor Upgrade: Allows to dash straight up or ahead in midair. Wait, isn't this a Megaman X3 armor part?!
*Shotokan Moves (Still to verify): Shoryuken and Hadouken. A "two-in-one" pack. They behave a little different from Megaman X counterparts in terms of command. You just need to hold UP or DOWN while you are about to release a LV3 charge to release a Shoryuken or Hadouken. Power wise? They are OHKO... Or used to be... I dunno, on normal bosses it rips 4 times more than their weaknesses does.

*Giga Crush: Visually, same as Megaman X2.

*Zero Head Armor Upgrade: Breaks blocks with head. Meh.
*Zero Body Armor Upgrade: Halves Damage and nothing else.
*Zero Arm Armor Upgrade: Gives Zero Final. That's all.
*Zero Leg Armor Upgrade: Breaks blocks by kicking. Meh again.

*Zero Final: Same as Megaman Xtreme's "Z4 Scramble". Consumes 7/8 of energy.

X-Only Special Weapons (Excluding Giga Crush):
*Ray Claw: Creates a wave of energy in front of X. said wave of energy behaves like a "one hit shield projectile", being very useless. Charged it behaves like Megaman X3's Ray Splasher in its uncharged condition.
*Marine Tornado: Normal shot is a tornado column (like Storm Trollnado's fully charged shot) but with short range. Charged it is like Launch Octopus' fully charged weapon. Laaaaaaaaame.
*Fire Wave: Uncharged shot fires a small fireball that, upon colliding against floor, unleashes a medium ranged fire wave. But the charged one is like the Astro Crush Astroman uses against you in Megaman 8.
*Strike Chain: Same failure from Megaman X2, but is harder to attach to a wall.
*Bomb Bee: Uncharged, shots bees that homes into the enemies, being amazingly usefull. Charged is EVEN MORE usefull, because it shields you completly for a while! But the charged shot reminds me of Yama Option from Megaman X6... Except that it doesn't shot in unison to your shots.
*Sonic Slicer: Slightly bigger, same behavior, slightly slower and fires one per shot as opposed to the two + two "shadows" (as far as I remember) from Megaman X2. Charged shot unleashes a big Sonic Slicer that goes up and then four more rains down, cutting through enemies. But is seriously weak.
*Tornado Fang: Sweet mothers of drills! Press once and it fires the three TF at once! Of course, the middle one flies ahead. The charged version Is a BIG drill that acts as a shield in front of X, kinda like Megaman X3's used to. The difference? The drill bit doesn't break at hiting shields or invencible enemies and stays for a good time.

Zero-Only Special Weapons (Excluding Zero Final) (they consume mostly 1/10 of Zero's Special Energy, unless stated otherwise):
*Rising: Same as in many Megaman X games. a "Shoryuuken" with Z-Saber. But this time it is "elementless".
*Fish Fang: It works only in midair and fires two of Launch Octopus' piranha missiles at 45 and 10 degrees below zero, covering very little area. At least it resets your fall speed when you use it. Consumes energy.
*Tri-Thunder: Nerfed "Giga Crush". He punches the ground and balls of lightning flies up and in diagonal upwards (45). Consumes energy.
*Fire Wave: Zero unleashes a fire wave that is twice of Zero's height and covers half of the screen in range. Consumes energy
*Lightning: Another "Giga Crush" weapon. Calls down lightning from the sky. But two problems: One is that they come down one at a time; two is that they aren't very fast. Consumes energy.
*Drill Crush: Just yours truly downward stab fall from so many games. This is that it is "elementless" too.
*Earth Gizer: Same as Megaman Xtreme's "Z3 Scramble". Consumes 4/10 of energy.
*Dash: Same as Megaman Xtreme's "Z1 Scramble". Consumes energy.

Common Parts:
*Hyper Dash: Not only dashes slightly faster, but becomes invencible while dashing.
*Super Recover: Energy Capsules gives two times more energy. This may apply to Weapon Capsules too.
*Energy Saver: Halves weapon energy consumption. Doesn't affect Giga Crush.
*Barrier Extender: Makes you invencible for twice the time when hit.

X-Only Parts:
*Buster +1: Didn't see much difference. Possibly causes increases the buster power from 1 to 1.25. Can stack with Buster +2. Makes uncharged and LV1 charge shots purple.
*Buster +2: Saw some difference. Apparently increases buster power from 1 to 1.5. Can stack with Buster +1. Makes uncharged and LV1 charge shots red.
*Speed Shot: Doubles the speed the buster shots flies at. Makes uncharged and LV1 charge shots green.
*Ultimate Buster: Always fires LV2 charge shots. Of course, this only affects the X-Buster.
*Hyper Charge: Halves charging time. Usefull with that powerfull special weapon.
*Full Armor: Gives all his armor parts.

Zero-Only Parts.
*Saber +1: Gives a small boost... From 1 to 1.15. Can stack with Saber +2. Makes the Z-Saber blue.
*Saber +2: Gives a big boost... From 1 to 2, and maybe beyond. Can stack with Saber +1. Makes the Z-Saber purple.
*Ultimate Saber: Gives an attack boost from 1 to 2.5 probably, but you can only use the 3rd slash. Considering the 3rd slash hits twice or thrice in one attack, it can cause 5 times or more the damage of a normal slash.

--- End quote ---


If anyone makes these weapons, they will be the exact same as the ones from X, but slightly altered, which is just not fun at all.

Megaman Xtreme isn't all the way like Megaman X1~3. So I'll make this list to assist if someone ever wants to recreate these weapons but doesn't have time or patience to play through same game. Same that happens with Rockman Power Battles & Fighters.

When I get started with Megaman Xtreme 2 data, you'll see a clear difference.

Notice how many "sames" there are in this list.

But there are some few with differences.
Like you can't ride the penguin sled, Silk shot simply shots out the fully charged shot instead of attracting it all... Oh, and the fire trail lack is another one! In Megaman X 2 you could ACTUALLY KILL with the fire trail.


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